Rom-Com Anime ‘Engage Kiss’ Previews Ending Theme in 2nd Promo Video

Engage Kiss is the top contender for the title of this year’s most chaotic and unpredictable anime. The show features a cast of strange characters and a captivating storyline that aims to offer a unique romantic comedy experience for fans.

Engage Kiss, a comedy that almost looks like a harem, is set on an artificial island in the Pacific. The island was created to mine a new energy resource called orgonium, which led to a breakout of demon attacks called ‘D disasters.’

Shu Ogata is the protagonist of a PMC, or Private Military Company. However, he is suffering from poor spending habits and is currently at loss. Shu’s clumsy nature means that he often gets help from women around him, either out of compassion or genuine concern.

A1 Pictures’ original rom-com anime Engage Kiss has revealed a new promotional video that takes us deeper into Shu’s chaotic life. The show will premiere on July 3, 2022.

オリジナルTVアニメーション「Engage Kiss」第2弾PV/2022年7月2日(土)より放送開始!

The second PV of the original TV animation “Engage Kiss” / will start broadcasting on Saturday, July 2, 2022!

The trailer also previews the anime’s ending theme song ‘Renai-No’ (Love-Brain) by Akari Nanawo.

We see Kisara raising her sword towards Shu at the beginning of the video and promising something to him. The video cuts to their everyday lives together. Shu signed a contract with Kisara as a demon girl. She takes care of Shu while also helping him at his agency by exterminating demons.

The viewers are then introduced to Ayano Yugiri, Shu’s ex-girlfriend, who often helps him out of pity. Shu is in a confused relationship with these two girls while he works towards his goal.

As the video ends, we witness an exciting action sequence of the trio fighting demons and Sharon Holygrail calling Shu ‘the strongest demon slayer.’

The anime’s official website has also revealed the second key visual featuring Shu, Kisara, Ayano, and Sharon.


Original TV animation

“Engage Kiss”

2nd key visual release

Deal with Satan. The price is a sweet, but dangerous kiss.

Click here for the second PV

オリジナルTVアニメーション「Engage Kiss」第2弾PV/2022年7月2日(土)より放送開始!

Click here to visit the official website

#Engage Kiss

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Moreover, the franchise has revealed more new cast members who’ll join the team as some of the supporting characters:

Character Cast Other Works
Akino Yugiri Akeno Watanabe Hitch Dreyse (“Attack on Titan”)
Miles Morgan Kenichirō Matsuda Gordon Agrippa (Black Clover)
Tetsuya Mikami Yoshiaki Hasegawa Satoru Enishi (Cardfight!! Vanguard G
Shenhua Hachisuka Aya Uchida Frieda (Ascendance of the Bookworm)
Linhua Hachisuka Saori Ōnishi Aiz wallenstein (Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?)
Mihail Hachisuka Ryota Oksaka Yōta Oshimoto (Teekyū)

Engage Kiss is part the mixed media project Project Engage by Aniplex. This means that the manga series will be serialized alongside an anime from July 2, 2022.

The project started with a smartphone game in April 2022, and we can’t wait for what else the franchise has in store for us.

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About Engage Kiss

A-1 Pictures’ upcoming anime, Engage Kiss, is called “Kiss”. It’s part of Project Engage and will receive a smartphone app.

Baylong City is an artificial island that gets exploited for its unique resources, and gets attacked by devils. The anime takes place in Baylong City. Shu is currently unemployed and has become a freelancer.

Kisara is there to help him and Ayano his ex-girlfriend also helps. The two girls have a wonderful romance that begins between Shu and Ayano.

Source: Engage Kiss Anime’s Official Website

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