What and Where is PADRE in FTWD? Why Does PADRE Steal Kids?

What and Where is PADRE in FTWD? Why Does PADRE Steal Kids?

The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ principally revolves around the mystery of PADRE. After coming out of Teddy’s bunker, Alicia leads a large group of people to PADRE without exactly knowing where or what it is. Although she believes the Tower will provide refuge for her followers, Senator Vazquez, a walker, leads her and her group to it. Alicia thinks PADRE isn’t real. The seventh season finale shows that PADRE is actually real through Madison. So what exactly is PADRE, and where are they located? Let’s find out! SPOILERS BEFORE.

What is PADRE and where can I find it?

PADRE is an anonymous safe community. According to Alicia, PADRE is the safest community after the nuclear explosions “with plans to rebuild” and “resources to do it.” Through Madison, Morgan comes to know that the community is trying to build a new civilization for the future. PADRE has strict confidentiality policies. Even Madison, who has been living in PADRE, seemingly hasn’t met the authoritarian figures of the community yet. The community is well-equipped with the right weaponry and people to defend it. Madison demonstrates that the community’s leaders and members have a lot of power.

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Alicia initially believes that PADRE was Padre Island in Texas. Will then reminds her that it is too obvious to be classified. The community appears to be in Louisiana, or in another location than Texas in the seventh season finale. This is because the community is located in an area that is radiation-free. Since Morgan and Madison are taken to PADRE in a boat, there’s a possibility that PADRE is an island. However, Lea and Frank’s map shows that it is an inland location, though the credibility of the map is questionable. PADRE could even be the same ship considering that Madison and Morgan travel on the boat towards it.

What Does PADRE Do to Steal Children?

PADRE has several “collectors,” including Madison, who steal kids from the land. The community is building a new civilization with kids, referred to as “eggs,” without any familial connections. PADRE rejects the notion of family and prefers to provide food for children, regardless of their identity and upbringing. Considering the community’s policies, PADRE may be trying to build a closed society with “usable” human resources. PADRE’s authoritarian leaders may be taking the children to build a community that will not question them, even if they die.

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An authoritarian regime can easily raise a submissive community by imposing discipline measures on children, rather than the rebellious adults. PADRE’s leaders could be doing the exact same. Since Madison reveals to Morgan that Ava cannot live in PADRE after her delivery further explains how the community doesn’t want more adults in it. PADRE could be building a new order with the stolen children, possibly drilling according to the needs of the community leaders.

Another possible reason behind the stealing of the kids can be PADRE’s desire to build a community strictly for the future. Alicia believes PADRE has incredible resources. The community leaders may wish to concentrate the resources on children who will live a longer lifespan. Instead of wasting resources on people who are likely to die within the next twenty-to-30 years, or who are already well past their prime, leaders may prefer that children who still have 80 to 90 years to live can make the most of those resources to help them become productive adults.

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