Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Revati Is Arrested

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Rudra asks inspector to arrest Revati as she killed Armaan. Revati accepts that she killed Armaan as he conspired to provide her 100 crores of mendacity to Rudra and Preesha that their kid is together with her whilst he knew that she doesn’t have their child, he sought after to rent anyone’s kid and end up it as Rudrand Preesha’s and separate them by means of making a false impression between them. She says Armaana used to be very indignant and would killed her, so she discovered a knife and stabbed him sooner than he would have killed her, she acted in self-defense. Rudra asks why didn’t she move to police then. Revati says she used to be afraid. Rudra says no matter the reason being, its proved she murdered Armaan. He asks inspector to free up Preesha and GPS and arrest Revati. Revati says she didn’t kill Armaan purposefully. Inspector says she will be able to put her facet in police station and arrests her.

Revati in police van smirks and thinks Rudra doesn’t know why she murdered Armaan. She remembers Armaan calling her and informing that he couldn’t Rudra and Preesha even after many conspiracies, so he desires to make use of their kid and separate them. Revati asks why shall she go back a kid which she abducted from Rudra and Preesha. Armaan says he can get Preesha best by means of this kid and premises to provide her 100 crores in trade of child. Revati has the same opinion and asks him to consult with her lodge room. thinks Armaan is so grasping that he’ll no longer give her cash and would kill her as a substitute, so she’s going to kill him sooner than he kills her. She visits Armaan dressed in denims and a hoodie. Armaan asks what’s she doing right here on this stand up. She says she got here to take him alongside. He turns. She stabs him with a knife. Armaan falls down and asks why did she betray him. Revati asks why he idea she would give Rudra and Preesha’s child, she wishes child and no longer cash, she desires them to undergo like she suffered with out her son.

Armaan struggles to take away knife from his abdomen. Revati asks him to die peacefully and let her break out with Rudra and Preesha’s child. Armaan pleads to avoid wasting him. She asks why she would have stabbed him if she sought after to ave him. She deletes her name log from his cell and leaves from there. Out of flashback, Revati thinks she made a plan when she noticed Rudra in a lodge foyer. She remembers how she manipulated Rudra and made him consider that she killed Armaan in self-defense; she knew Rudra would get her arrested, however she doesn’t know that she has a trump card which can get him out of prison and damage Rudra’s existence. She additional remembers meet his dependable constable and shifting him 50 lakhs for his son’s remedy. She asks constable to lend a hand him in go back. Constable has the same opinion. She explains her plan to him. Out of flashback, she smiles at connstable who smiles again. She thinks Rudr and Preesha idea the tale ended together with her arrest, however actual tale begins now; they gained’t be figuring out a entice she laid which they are able to’t pop out of.

Polcie brings Revsati to police station. GPS asks what’s she doing right here. Rudra says Revati is an actual assassin. GPS thank you Rudra for gratifying his promise and says allow us to see if police will do justice or no longer. Inspector says they’ll ensure that Revati will get punishment by means of fast-track courtroom. Revati thinks Rudra and Preesha can be stunned to look her subsequent transfer. Rudr and Preesha go back house and tell Sharda that Revati is the assassin. Sharda feels stunned and says she’s satisfied that her youngsters are protected and says they will have to get started afresh now. Digvijay apologizes for his mistake and returns all of the wealth and homes Armaan had snatched from them. Rudra thank you him. Preesha asks Rudra how will they get again their son from Revati. Rudra assures her that she’s going to get their son’s whereabouts from Revati. Preesha remembers Revati’s grin and thinks one thing is unsuitable.

Percap: Pass judgement on announces Revati responsible in Armaan’s homicide and declares 10 10 years’ imprisonment. Rudra’s circle of relatives go back to Khurana space. Constable informs Revati about it. Revati reminds him what he will have to do. Rudra will get a decision and tells circle of relatives that they will have to move from their space.

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