Why is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs Leaving NCIS in 2022? Know The Reason Why is Mark Harmon Leaving NCIS?

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Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs NCIS

Mark Harmon, the American Actor is prominently known as Gibbs on NCIS, the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs portrayed by Thomas Mark Harmon was cherished by the followers of the series. NCIS is an American Crime television show that aired in 2005 on CBS. While most actors left the show, Mark Harmon was still present.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, his character, was loved by everyone because he did a wonderful job acting. Recently Harmon announced that he will be leaving the show as they are in urge to get the reason for Why Is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs Leaving Ncis In 2022, read further to know more.

Why Is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs Leaving NCIS In 2022?

Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs NCIS was the most prominent American actor to announce that he will be retiring from the NCIS CBS Series. The sudden news about the actor leaving the show is the most shocking news for his followers and they are eager to know the reasons for Why Is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs Leaving Ncis In 2022. Many fans began to worry about his health. They assumed that he would be leaving the show due to health issues. However, there has been no official information from the actor about his sudden departure. 

Why is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs leaving NCIS?

We’ve seen the exits of most NCIS actors and Mark Harmon is the latest to do so. Harmon was beloved by his fans for his role as Gibbs in the CBS Series. Thomas Mark Harmon was conceived on September 02, 1951. People Magazine in 1986 named him the Sexiest man alive. The 70-year old actor will be leaving NCIS. His fans are shocked and eagerly search the internet for the reason.

Is Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs Going to NCIS?

Mark Harmon Aka Gibbs NCIS

Name Mark Harmon
Real Name Thomas Mark Harmon
Date of Birth September 2, 1951
Place of Birth Burbank, California, U.S
Age 70 Years
Wife Pam Dawber
Children 2
Instagram @mark_thomas_harmon
Twitter TBA

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