Why Did Shinji Choke Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Asuka and Shinji are characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion. They have been together since the beginning of the series, and they share many hardships. Many fans still have questions about the final scene of End of Evangelion. It is one of the most controversial scenes in the series. Asuka was choked by Shinji in the final scene of this series. However, there was a reason for this as Shinji had experienced many strange things while Asuka was away. This will be the subject of debate as we discuss why Shinji choked Asuka. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion was a 90s series that many people still talk about online. Shinji choking Asuka was one of the most memorable scenes. However, those who didn’t know why Shinji choke Asuka can find the answers in this post. This series has many best scenes and is one of the best 90’s series, which is rarely discussed online since many have aged and not developed as this series. 

Asuka and Shinji also had great moments together throughout the series. They are like lovebirds. They also demonstrated that they loved each other. However, it was shocking when Shinji choked someone who he admires and has feelings for. While this might not have caused any controversy, because of the way Shinji, Asuka, and their lives, it was surprising for one to hurt the others. Let’s find out what happened between Shinji and Asuka that made Shinji choke her.

Why Did Shinji Choke Asuka?

After Shinji’s death, the Earth was left with a few minutes to go before the rest of the battles. Asuka was choked by Shinji as the Earth was still in its final minutes. Asuka was shocked that Shinji choked her, even though she wasn’t his enemy. Shinji choked Asuka after realizing that she didn’t respond the way he knew, and due to the mysteries that kept happening, he thought that it was someone who was disgusted as Asuka. He says he wants to go back to his world because he was alone. 

Shinji and Asuka

Shinji, who believed that no one would ever return to the shore after death, was at the beach with Asuka. He choked Asuka in an attempt to determine if it was her and if it was an imposter. He realizes that a doll won’t react, and after seeing that Asuka was s reacting, he lets her go. Shinji realises that he’s not the only one who is suffering. Even Asuka, whom he believed was dead, doesn’t die. Asuka’s reaction made Shinji realize it was s her, but the two settled the score, and Shinji accepted his mistake and apologized. This was one of the best and sad moments in Shinji’s life when has escaped the world of loneliness after Asuka had returned.

This also happened because Shinji saw a strange figure without knowing who was approaching, and he choked that person, but after hearing Asuka’s voice, he realized that he was not in the right state of mind. Shinji saw Asuka, who meant no harm, approaching him. He realized this and decided to stop trying to choke her. Asuka was not angry at Shinji for having choked Asuka. 

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What Stops Shinji Choking Asuka

Shinji didn’t know who he was choking, and at first, he thought he was s choking an enemy since they had been in an intense battle. Shinji stopped choking Asuka when he realized that Asuka is an important person in Shinji’s life, and they are also comrades. The feelings he has for Asuka also stop him from choking her after realizing that it is Asuka who he knows and that he can’t kill someone important in his life. Asuka accepted Shinji, and they reunited after he stopped chokeing her.

Why Did Shinji Choke Asuka?


Who is Shinji?

Shinji is a young teenager with brown hair; Gehirn bioengineer Yui Ikari and NERV Commander Gendo Ikari are Shinji’s parents. He is too emotional and has a kind heart, but he has been left alone since his father left him when he was young after his mother’s death. Shinji is a soldier who protects the dead against the evil monsters trying to destroy the world. He was raised by his master, and he always wanted to be simple. But his life changed when Asuka and other comrades joined him in different battles. 

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