Who Is The God Of Fanny MLBB, Who Is King Jasro?

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Who Is The God of Fanny MLBB

Jason Robante (King Jasro) Robante is a well-known streamer, content creator, and has been added to Z4 Esports’ roster of Mobile Legends gamers. King Jasro, who is known as the “Fanny God” for his extraordinary gaming with Fanny, has been added to Z4 Esports’ roster of Mobile Legends players. Billy Alfonso, the owner of Z4 Esports, had previously invited the well-known broadcaster, to join his Mobile Legends team. However, it was not yet realized.

Who is The God of Fanny in MLBB

Z4 Esports announced the hiring Jason “King Jasro”, a prominent streamer and content creator, to help with its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang talent. His excellent gameplay with Fanny, a character with high mobility and high skill ceilings, has led to him being hired. King Jasro has been called the “Fanny God” by the gaming community. Billy “Z4pnu”, the owner of Z4 Esports and a pro player for Omega Esports had previously extended an invitation to the well known broadcaster to join his Mobile Legends Team, but it was not yet realized. Instead, he will be the team’s talent and streamer, rather than competing in esports.

Who Is King Jasro

King Jasro is an aspiring content creator and Mobile Legends streamer. His friendly and approachable demeanor, daily streaming and helpful beginner guides have earned him a large following.

It is also important that he masters Fanny, a hero who has been absent in the meta for a while due to her low rewards in competitive matches as well as her apparent high skill ceiling.

It would be fascinating to see what King Jasro will offer his followers under the Z4 Esports umbrella.

God Of Fanny in MLBB

King Jasro, a well-known broadcaster, had been contacted by Omega Esports player Z4pnu in July 2021 and had extended an invitation for him to join his team. Z4pnu, a streamer, stated that his hero pool was not diverse and that he focused mostly on Fanny, making hiring him difficult.

King Jasro joined Z4 Esports (his newly founded organization), but it took him some time. According to the company’s official Facebook page, The Fanny God will join Z4 Esports as its Mobile Legends Star.


The Fanny god has arrived! KingJasro, Z4 Esports’ newest talent, is here! You can like and follow his page as well as his livestreams of MLBB in-game tutorials, content and many other things! #Z4Esports

Posted by Z4 Esports on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Z4 Esports captioned, “The Fanny god is here! We welcome KingJasro, the newest talent of Z4 Esports!“

It is important to clarify King Jasro won’t be competing for Z4 Esports in esports as a professional player, but as a broadcaster who will support team promotions through his activities.

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