Who is Paolo Nutini’s Girlfriend? These Streets Singer’s Love Interest

Paolo Nutini’s Girlfriend is making headlines on the internet. But who is she? But before they were together, Paolo Giovanni Nutini had been a versatile singer. His debut album, These Streets, gained him huge popularity. It reached the third spot on the UK Albums Chart. Other hits by him include: Through the Echoes; Pencil Full of Lead; Radio, Lose IT; Petrified in Love; Shine A Light; No Other Way. Julianne, Million Faces, Love You and many others. Paolo Nutini’s fourth studio album, Last Night in the Bittersweet was released in 2012. It became a huge hit. Paolo’s distinctive voice has stolen the hearts of millions of people across the world. 

Knowing his versatility in the world of music, fans are quite curious to learn what’s happening in Paolo Nutini’s personal life. The singer is known for his romance with Amber Anderson, Laura Whitmore and others. However, these relationships didn’t end up well. According to reports, he has moved on and now lives a happy life. Want to know who Paolo Nutini’s Girlfriend is? This is the place for you. Let’s dig in. 

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Meet Paolo Nutini’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? 

His love interest is discussed. Paolo Nutini’s Girlfriend is no one and is possibly single at present. Through the Echoes, his new musical album, has been a hit with his fans. The singer seems to be enjoying every moment of his singlehood. Additionally, he appears to be focused on his musical career, and is hard at work on his lyrics.

Paolo Nutini

He is very secretive about his private life once he has broken up with Amber. Although they were never engaged, they dated for about two years. Paolo Nutini was very tight-lipped when asked about the relationship in interviews. This made the fans even more curious. However, he has not been seen with any suspicious women in recent days and his social media accounts have not given any clues. These indicate that Paolo Nutini didn’t have any romantic relationship as of yet.  

Paolo Nutini’s Youtube channel has garnered more than 419K subscribers at present. Are you one? Do you love listening to his music? You might consider following Paolo on Instagram for more updates. Best Wishes! We are hopeful that Paolo will find his true love soon, even though he is single. 

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