Where Is The Key In Trespass Roblox? Where Is The Car Key In Trespass Roblox?

Where can I find the key to Trespass Roblox

Trespass, a Roblox horror-based story-based game, is very popular. Trespass is one the most popular Roblox Horror and Scary games. Act 1 is about the players finding all the missing parts in the car. Many players had trouble finding the car’s missing gears, particularly the key. Scroll down to find the location of the Trespass key. 

Where is the Car Key in Trespass Roblox

Trespass, the most frightening Roblox video game, has players starting from an unknown location to find their destiny. You can complete the level by finding the clues within the gameplay. Most players wonder Where Is The Car Key in Trespass Roblox, the location of the key is given in the image below, the following video will guide the players to get the car key and proceed further in the gameplay.

Car Key In Trespass Roblox

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Trespass (Roblox Video Game) 

Trespass, a Roblox story-based horror video game, is available. Virtuoso Productions created it. Virtuoso Productions is a well-known game development studio in Roblox that focuses primarily horror and thriller games. Trespass is a game that follows the immersive gameplay of the players’ journey through the blackroot forest.


Roblox is a tool that allows you to create games and an online gaming platform. Roblox Corporation created it. It allows users to create and play games, as well as develop them. Roblox was developed and published by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki in 2004 and 2006. It allows users to create games of all genres using the Lua programming languages. Roblox was small for most of its history as both a platform and corporation due to Baszucki and co-founder. Roblox grew quickly in the second half of 2010, and the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated its growth.

  • Where is the Key in Trespass Roblox? 

  • Where can I find the car key in Trespass Roblox

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