When and How Were Laura Zapata and Her Sister Kidnapped?

Netflix’s ‘Forever Queens,’ AKA ‘Siempre Reinas,’ follows iconic Mexican celebrities Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera through their everyday lives. The reality show focuses on the relationships between the four women as well their professional and personal struggles. The reality series gives celebrities the opportunity to openly discuss their pasts and how they have shaped their current lives.

As the stars in the show talk about events from their lives, Laura Zapata’s regular references to her kidnapping have certainly caught the attention of the audience. The beloved actress frequently talks about the impact of the incident on her and Ernestina, her sister. The incident is of interest to viewers. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re in the same boat as the sisters and want to learn more about the abduction.

What happened to Laura Zapata, Ernestina Sodi and how were they kidnapped?

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda (also known as Laura Zapata) is half-sister Ernestina Sodi. Ernestina Sodi is a famous Mexican writer. Through Yolanda Miranda Menge’s different marriages, the two sisters are both Yolanda Miranda Mange’s daughters. The two have three more sisters, including Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda AKA Thalía, who is recognized worldwide for her acting and singing skills.

On September 22, 2002, Laura performed in the beloved play ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’ as Martírio “The Humpback.” After the play was over, Laura and Ernestina left the San Rafael Theater in a red Volkswagen Jetta. Just five blocks from the theatre, the sisters’ car was blocked by a vehicle, and men wearing black hoodies and gloves came out and smashed the Volkswagen’s windows. The witnesses said the men forced the sisters into the vehicle following them.

The incident was shocking for many but it was not a new phenomenon at the time. Kidnappings were quite common in Mexico. When asked by law enforcement about the case, the relatives of the sisters refused to speak out and stated that they did not want to see the incident unfold. Many believed that the ransom was paid by the relatives. Laura has since shared that the sisters were kidnapped in hopes of gaining money from Tommy Motola, Thalía’s husband, who is a very successful music producer.

Two sisters were told by the kidnappers that Tommy Motola was innocent and that it was a misunderstanding. Though Laura barely knew any English, she apparently told her captors that she didn’t know whether her sister’s family had that much money and if they would spend it on her. Laura was released by the kidnappers after 18 days. However, her sister was held for another 16 days. She was finally released on October 10, 2002.

Laura never disclosed the ransom she paid to free her from the abductors. But Thalia and her spouse claimed that they did not give the ransom money required. Laura repeatedly stated that she was traumatized by the events of the abduction. It took her approximately six years to overcome the trauma. To portray her version of what happened during her time in captivity, Laura went on to act in the autobiographical play ‘Captives.’

The play portrays the kidnappers not only as criminals, but also shows their human side. According to the actress, one of the kidnappers claimed to be in love and would not let any harm come to her as it was all business. One must note that the play did not appeal to Laura’s sisters, Ernestina and Thalía, which apparently led to widening the gap in their relationship.

What Happened To The Kidnappers

Three men were arrested in April 2003 as suspected kidnappers for Laura Zapata, Ernestina Sodi. The accused allegedly kidnapped a Mexican textile company owner and kept him in a Mexico City, Mexico house. The law enforcement stated that they had apprehended two other members of the trio’s gang in January of the same year. They were still looking for Mario Alberto Bayardo (the leader of the gang) and two other members.

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