What Happened To Mick Moloney, Mick Moloney Died

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What happened to Mick Moloney?

Mick Maloney was a traditional Irish Musician as well as a scholar. He was the artistic director of several art tours, including the Green Fields of America. The tour featured a group of Irish musicians, singers, and dancers that toured the United States on numerous occasions. He passed away on July 28, 2022 at the age of 77 surrounded by friends and family. Many people have posted condolences to him on social media.  

Mick Moloney Died

Mick Maloney, 77, died today. Born in 1944 in Limerick (Ireland), Mick Maloney began playing the banjo at age sixteen. He listened to a lot American folk singers such as Burl Ives and Weavers. He learned to play and sing music by tapping the music played in pubs and then studying them when he returned home. He learned to play traditional instruments, and sing songs in this way. 

Mick Moloney, How Did He Die?

Mick Maloney’s cause of death has not been revealed by his family. His family will remember him as a great Irish musician. Paul Keating, a writer for Irish Central, wrote “As one of the pre-eminent folklorists in Irish American music history, Dr Mick Moloney has spent a lot of time in the 19th and 20th centuries studying aspects of performance, especially as it appeals to the Irish emigrant community in the United States. I don’t think anyone can manage a roster of artists as well in the series of shows that he has been performing for the Irish Arts Center.

Mick Moloney 

Ted Smyth, Chairman of NYU Glucksman House said, “I can’t believe that the great Mick Moloney, Global Distinguished Professor at Glucksman Ireland House NYU, has died. It is such a tragic and devastating news. This is a huge loss for Ireland, Irish America and Irish music around the world. A great flame of musical joy and friendship has been extinguished.” There are a lot of people who have expressed their sadness at his passing. 

Mick Moloney Obituary

Ted Smyth wrote that Mick Maloney “donated his talents to many public causes, memorably performing online from Thailand for a series of “Irish for Biden” events in 2020.” He also wrote “Although we’ve been friends for decades, I had the pleasure only recently of taking his History of Irish American Music MA class at NYU, relishing Mick’s immense love of research, his inclusivity, his humanity, and his talent for teaching. After class, Mick was always happy to join students for a cuppa tea at a local hostel.” 

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