Solid Raises $63M in Series B Funding

SolidThe Series B funding for 63M was raised by, a San Mateo-based provider of fintech-as a service platform that provides modern infrastructure to any company in order to launch and scale fintech products.

FTV Capital led the round. Headline was also involved. Robert Anderson, partner at FTV Capital, joined Solid’s board of directors as part of this investment.

The company plans on using the funds to expand into fintech-ready areas such as travel and logistics, construction, healthcare, education and the gig economy.

Solid, headed by Raghav Lal, president, and CEO Arjun Thyagarajan is a fintech infrastructure provider that offers a complete, integrated, and compliant suite fintech services. Solid’s fully managed infrastructure allows any company to launch embedded fintech products like bank accounts and crypto wallets.

Solid’s programs include established fintechs (such as Plate IQ and Paystand), SaaS leaders (such as Shifl and Everflow), and rapidly growing startups (such as Lumanu and Starlight).



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