My Snapchat Notifications Are On But Not Working, How Do I Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue?


Snapchat is an instant messaging and software service that combines multi-media content. Snapchat’s main features are text and images. These are often only viewable for a short time before being deleted by the recipients. Snapchat has evolved from its original focus on peer-to–peer photo sharing to now include users’ “Stories”, which includes 24 hours of chronological content, and “Discover,” which allows businesses the opportunity to offer short-form, paid content. You can also save photos in the “my eye only” section. This allows you to access a password, which protects your images. Although it has been limited in its use, end-to-end encryption is being explored with the hopes of expanding its applications.

My Snapchat Notifications are On, But Not Working 

Fix 1: Allow notification settings to be enabled in the system

1. On an Android phone, access the “Notifications” section.

2. Find and choose the Snapchat option in the App List.

3. You can then select “Notifications”, from the menu.

Each switch for Snapchat notifications can be turned off and back on at the same time.

Apple iPhone

1. Open the settings app on your phone, select Apps & notifications, and then press on App details.

2. Find and choose the Snapchat option in the App List.

3. You can then select “Notifications”, from the menu.

4. Also, remember to choose the Sounds and Badges settings.

Fix 2: Allow notification settings to be enabled in Snapchat App

1. Start the Snapchat app on you phone.

2. Click on the gear button at the right side of the Profile symbol.

3. Select “Notifications” in the next step.

4. Confirm that all notifications are on.

Fix 4: Disable silent mode/do not disturb mode


1. To quickly switch off the silent mode of an Android device, tap the volume-up key. This will increase the volume and turn off the silent mode. You can elect to deselect “Silent Mode” by going to Settings > Sound Settings.

2. Open the Settings menu and choose “Do not disturb” from the available options. Now, select “Notifications” in the menu. The Do not disturb mode can be activated or disabled.


1. If you don’t receive Snapchat alerts, please follow the steps below.

2. To disable silent mode, touch the small button located at the top of your device. In this way, you can hear the notification sound.

Fix 5: Snapchat must be allowed to use background data


1. Select Data to use under Settings > Connections.

2. Choose the Mobile Data Usage option from Mobile.

3. Use the search bar to look up Snapchat. Tap it.

4. Snapchat’s “Allow background information usage” feature is enabled

Apple iPhone

1. Select “General” from the settings menu on your phone.

2. Right now, select Background App Refresh.

3. You can locate Snapchat by scrolling down. Make sure the switch near it is on.

Fix 6: Delete Snapchat’s Cache

1. Open the Snapchat app on your tablet or phone.

2. Click the Settings icon next to Profile.

3. Scroll down and click on “Clear Cache”

4. To complete the steps, tap on “Continue (Android),” or “Clear [iOS]” to continue.

Fix 7: Update Snapchat’s Most Recent Version

Upgrading Snapchat is a great way to solve many notifications-related problems. To update Snapchat, go to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Update Snapchat to the most current version. If you are unable to receive notifications, try again. 

Fix 8: Reinstall SnapChat

If all else fails and your Snapchat notifications are not working, you can try reinstalling the program. This is easy to do. After clicking it, hold down on the “Snapchat”, and then click the button. You can now choose to “Uninstall” for Android or “Remove” for iOS. The Snapchat app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or the App Store. After that, you can install it. You can check to see whether the Snapchat notifications are not working after reinstalling Snapchat on your smartphone.

How can I fix Snapchat Notifications not Working? (Other Fixes)

1. You should make sure that your phone is not in silent mode, or Do Not Disturb mode. 

2. Log out of Snapchat and log in again

3. The Snapchat App’s Notification Settings are available.

4. Verify the notification settings on your phone.

5. Snapchat must be up-to-date

6. Modify the settings to disable or enable Snapchat App Permissions

7. Snapchat cache deleted

8. It is time to delete its data

9. Allow Snapchat to access your background data

10. Reinstall Snapchat onto your device.

11. Incompatible applications should be removed

Snapchat Creators

Snapchat was founded by Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, former students at Stanford University. Snapchat is known for its mobile-first approach to social networking and emphasis on user engagement through augmented reality objects (virtual stickers) and augmented reality objects. Snapchat’s active users have increased by 23% to 293million as of July 2021. Daily, Snapchat sends more than 4 billion Snaps. This network is very popular with young people, particularly those below 16 years old. Parents have privacy concerns as well.


App  Snapchat 
Original creators  Evan Spiegel

Bobby Murphy

Reggie Brown

Developers Snap Inc.
Date of Release September 2011
Stable Release  Android – April 29, 2022 

IOS – April 28, 2022 

Operating System Android 4.4 Or Later

IOS 12 Or Later

Size 84 Mb (Android)

249.6 Mb IOS

Available in 37 Languages
Type Photo Sharing

Instant Messaging

Video chat


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