Is Emirichu And Daidus Still Dating? How Old Is Daidus?

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Who are Emirichu and Daidus?

Youtube content creators Emirichu & Daidus. Their amazing anime characters are what make them famous on their Youtube channels. They have many supporters who encourage and support them. Their works feature unique anime characters. It makes their works stand out from other anime works. They both enjoy life and their work. Their creativity and talent made them a huge hit.

Are Emirichu and Daidus still dating?

Emirichu and Daidus began dating in October 2019. However, they have never shared their relationship. Emirichu uploaded an animation of Emirichu kissing daidus on April Fools Day 2020. Although it confirmed their relationship, people thought Emirichu was playing pranks because she posted it on April Fools’ Day. However, she later confirmed that they were actually dating. They also shared their selfanime characters on Valentine’s day 2022. They are not dating as of 2022. There were also rumours that they had split.

How old is Daidus

Daidus is an American Youtube celebrity known for his unique anime characters. He was born May 23, 1999. Since childhood, he has been interested in drawing. He is half-Asian, even though he is American. His work is a hit with many people. Daidus did not reveal his real identity.

Emirichu And Daidus Instagram

Both of them are well-known on Instagram, with many followers. Emirichu has 594K followers and Daidus has 229K followers. They are often liked for their work. They share their works and update their upcoming works or collaborations through instgram.

Emirichu And Daidus Youtube

As mentioned, they are creators of youtube content. These are their videos and youtube channels.

Emirichu Youtube Channel

Emirichu boasts 1Million subscribers to her channel.

Daidus Youtube Channel

Youtube subscriber count for Daidus is 1.62M. He is quite a celebrity star.

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