Is Elizabeth Olsen Joining House of The Dragon Season 2?

Rumours have Elizabeth Olsen joining House of The Dragon are true. Fans are speculating about the Game of Thrones prequel series every day. Marvel actress Elizabeth Olsen addressed one such issue.

The series’ worth skyrocketed after fans saw how the show is actually living up to their expectations and not just bluffing around. The plot follows the content, and we are delighted about that. The show is one of the most popular HBO series and the number of viewers is increasing every day. This growth means that more cast members and characters will be hired for the upcoming seasons. Elizabeth Olsen could be one of these.

Being a part a large fandom such as this is an honourable position. Elizabeth is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Vision even got her own show in Phase 4. The show explored Vision’s origins and her husband Vision. Elizabeth is loved by everyone and if she becomes part of Game of Thrones there will be enough space in the hearts of GOT fans for her to have a special place. Now the question is, Will Elizabeth join the House of the Dragon’s cast? Let’s explore the rumors.

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Will Elizabeth Olsen be joining House of the Dragon Season 2

Elizabeth Olsen will not be joining House of the Dragon season 2! While there are many rumors about them, they do not have any roots. You should be aware that Olsen auditioned to play the role of Khaleesi, or Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke was offered the role, but that didn’t go according to plan. Fans had hoped that Olsen would be able to join the series and its prequel.

Game of Thrones revolved on characters who had to be there throughout each season and play important roles. Therefore, chances of getting a main role were very slim. House of the Dragon, however, is an exception to the rule. After every two episodes, we see the series take a leap through many years. This creates plenty of opportunities to watch new roles emerge. There are also houses in the Seven Kingdoms we haven’t seen before. This will allow casting directors to add more actors and/or actresses to the series.

What did Elizabeth say about the rumors?

Elizabeth clarified in an interview that she is not currently in any House of the Dragon roles. While she heard rumors, she confirmed it from Elizabeth. She also confirmed the news via an account that almost announced she was going to be on the show. Elizabeth later said that it was an honor to appear on the series. She is looking forward to the creativity of House of the Dragon and how it is a “story worth telling” which also has “great characters”.

The creators are working on more sequels, so you should be aware. These will include the ones which have a sequel to Jon Snow’s story. Tales of Dunk and Eggs is the second. The third series will cover the nine journeys that Lord Corlys or the Sea Snake have made. This gives Elizabeth plenty of space to be part of Game of Thrones fandom.

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