Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant Again? Everything We Know So Far

Dylan Dreyer is the mother of three sons and a Meteorologist her fans can’t get enough of. She was the mother of a boy, making him their third child. Her family has grown and so is the fan’s love for her and the family. The mother of three doesn’t limit her care to her sons though, she would share a form of it with her fans as well. She shared her Chicken Piccata recipe on Today not long ago. It was loved by both the taste buds and style of her fans. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she has been getting rusty on her job. She’s planning to soon return to the game of golf and she has high hopes. She will have to work out the details, but it is already happening in practice.

Fans are talking about her and her family who have been hit by another family member. Rumor? Yes. It is true. There are many reasons, some of which are out of our control. Though we don’t say it in bad faith only as a matter of fact. Dylan Dreyer is amused by this development and responds with a cheerful disposition.

CC: Dylan Dreyer

Who was Dylan Dreyer married to?

Dreyer worked for NBC Network for a long period and was diligent in her work. She isn’t a quick fixer, but her perseverance takes time. Before joining the network, she had worked in many places, such as WICU, WHDH and WJAR. Working at these stations, she made a name and was able tackle the challenges presented by them. She has been a renowned meteorologist since joining NBC. She also had an acting job this year. She was in Fate of A Sport, a sports movie. Both the critics and audience enjoyed the film and gave it a great rating.

Privately, Dylan Dreyer was married to Brian Fichera, NBC News Producer in 2012. Their first son was born in 2016, four years after they had been married. Dreyer shared with her fans in 2019 that she was pregnant with her second baby and that they had another son the year before. Dreyer, a Today host, does everything she can to help her sons. This was evident during the pandemic. In 2021, Dreyer and her family welcomed their third child. She had to leave Weekend Today to care for her children because of the increasing responsibilities of motherhood. She decided to continue working at The Third Hour, which is good news for her fans. The rumor began. Fans speculated that the Meteorologist had gained weight due to his less visible appearance on television.

Dylan Dreyer Pregnant

CC: Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer Is Really Pregnant

Dylan Dreyer has not been pregnant. She is also returning to Golf and is excited to share her excitement. Rumours of her pregnancy also reached her, to which she clarified that she wasn’t pregnant. She posted this on her Instagram, ‘It’s almost time!! I can’t wait to finally play in the @acchampionship NOT pregnant!! Thanks to @playingnine for collecting my stats (and for dressing me last year, which wasn’t easy until I found them!!) My goal for this year is not to be at the bottom 10. #smallgoals’. The world of celeb mothers might be in a strange place at the moment. Molly Qerin, who was also rumored pregnant at the time of the news about her pregnancy, was also reported to have been pregnant. However, there was no evidence.
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