Witness ‘Inu-Oh’ Put the World in a Musical Trance with its Global Premiere

Although misfits may not be accepted by society, they have a profound impact on everyone, even those who hate them. Inu-Oh, a story about a protagonist couple, paints a clear picture of this.

It takes you through the journey of a blind musician Tomona and the eccentric dancer Inu-Oh who’s born with a unique appearance. People were shocked by his physical characteristics and made him wear a mask and cover every inch of his body in clothes.

Tomona and Inu-Oh’s fateful encounter led to the formation of a rock music duo surviving at the edge of society by performing.

The Inu-Oh anime film has been released in the United States and will make the world dance to its rock beats. Its U.S premiere is scheduled for 12th August 2022. GKIDS released an English-subtitled trailer in order to announce its release.

Masaaki Yuasa – INU-OH | Theatrical Trailer

The duo’s eccentric nature and exceptional skills earned them glory and stardom in no time, but the hint of acceptance into the people was nowhere to be seen.

As the trailer previews Tomona and Inu-Oh’s first encounter, we get to witness a rock opera in Japan’s Muromachi period. Contrary to what you’d expect, the video shows the crowd going crazy during their performance, just like you’d see at a modern-day rock concert.

However, the story also mixes in the political instability of the period as nobles worry about a movement getting inspired by Tomona’s music. Inu-Oh believes that people will get louder and more excited about their music, just as the higher-ups think.

This hilarious tale about an eccentric couple who navigate their way through political instability and conservative society is sure to keep you on the edge.

You might be surprised by the unexpected.

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About Inu – Oh

INU-OH is a musical anime feature film of Hideo Furukawa’s Heike Monogatari: INU-OH no Maki (Tales of the Heike: INU-OH) novel. It will be the world’s premiere of the film and will compete in the Horizons category at the Venice International Film Festival.

Inu-Oh was born with unique physical traits. His parents cover him with clothes, even a mask, to hide his unusual appearance. Inu Oh meets Tomona, an ablinish biwa player. Inu Oh discovers that he has the ability to dance.

Inu-Oh meets Tomona and they become business partners. Inuoh’s songs captivate his audiences and Inuoh transforms gradually into an unrivalled beauty. But why is Tomona so blind? What is it that Inu-Oh was born with such unique characteristics?

Source: GKIDS Official YouTube Channel

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