Inlie, 10th November 20, 2022 written update: Arto chooses to not make Imlie feel hurt by telling the truth

The episode begins by Imlie talking to Arto about the role her mother played for her. The way she spends her birthday celebration with the orphan children that Aryan adopted. Arto is awed by this. He is elated. Imlie for her kindness and is also impressed by her. Imlie claims that her mother was a fire, and she loves her very much. Rupy believes that Arto is timid. Chini believes that Arto is losing his Imlie and she doesn’t want to let this occur. The power goes out and Imlie is looking for candles and she accidentally Arto switches on the shower. Arto and Imlie are soaked and bond over a romantic moment.

Chini coughs, attempting to divert the attention of the others, but Rupy requests that she take some sleep. Imlie provides medication to Chini and inquires questions about her medical condition. Chini asks she’s concerned, why didn’t she go to check her health last night. Imlie says she checked , and Chini was sleeping soundly. Chini behaves as if she’s angry and Arto suggests he stays near Imlie at her house or her family members will be suspicious of him. Chini wonders if he is accusing her of being a troll because this isn’t her house? Arto claims he did not mean this, but he’ll reveal the truth to Imlie in the evening, but not at the party.

Kia attempts to incite Devika against Imlie by claiming that Imlie stays longer at her mother’s home with her husband. This is not true. Even Arto is there due to her. Devika is furious and says when a woman spends her whole life in the home of her husband so why is it not good when she spends just a couple of days at her mother’s home. Devika advises them to think of progressive thoughts . Imlie stays in the home as her mother’s birthday is today.

Imlie dresses up as a clown and entertains youngsters. She has fun with them. Imlie presents Arto to her as husband whenever the children inquire about him. He is forced to wear a ring that causes Chini be jealous. She informs Arto when he’ll divulge his true identity to Imlie? Why is hen’t doing something about it? He claims that he doesn’t want to cause any harm to Imlie on the day her mother’s birthday is.

The Imlie play antakshari with the children, and then dances with the kids. When kids don’t want to sing Ma words, Imlie gets emotional and is able to talk to her mother’s photograph in her bedroom, saying it was is used to spread happiness just. Arto observes this and DJs music to the children.

Imlie is happy and encourages a crying child who’s grieving for his mother. Imlie claims that her mother is always there for her as she speaks about her mum in her dreams. Imlie smiles to his face. Imlie says she has Arto who she feels safety and comfort. Arto is looking at her back telling her that she is his puzzle and he’s not sure whether she’s good or not, but he enjoys her company.

Precap: Jatin warns Chini telling her he’ll tell her true story before Arto, Chini says Arto has left Imlie and she won’t be able to go back to the Rana home. Arto takes Imlie and then goes into the house.

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