Hunter x Athena Codes, What Is Hunter X Athena Codes?

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What is Hunter X Athena Codes?

Hunter x Athena is multiplayer. There are nearly 40 Robloxians in one server. You can search for, fight, and upgrade characters. Hunter x Athena codes can be used as freebies. These codes come in the form of rerolls that allow you to change things like your clan, face, and more. When you reach certain milestones, such as a certain number of likes, new codes are usually released. You might also like the game.

Hunter X Athena Codes(Active) 

Here’s a list of Hunter X Athena Codes that are currently active.  

  • !9000Clan – clan reroll

  • !9000Clan2 – clan reroll

  • !9000Face – face reroll

  • !9000Face2 – face reroll

  • !9000Nen – nen colour reroll

  • !9000Nen2 – nen colour reroll

  • !LeoFixedCode – clan reroll

  • !LeoGift – clan reroll

  • !500ClanReroll – clan reroll

  • !500NenColorReroll – nen colour reroll

  • !500FaceReroll – face reroll

  • !700ClanReroll – clan reroll

  • !700NenColorReroll – nen colour reroll

  • !700FaceReroll – face reroll

  • !FaceReroll – face reroll

  • !NenColorReroll – nen colour reroll

  • !ClanReroll – clan reroll

Hunter X Athena Codes (Expired)

These Hunter x Athena code codes no longer work. There are no expiring Hunter x Athena codes. 

How to redeem Hunter x Athena codes

These are the steps you can follow to redeem Hunter x Athena code codes. You may be eligible for freebies after that.

  • When you are playing the game, tap on the Chat button. It is located at the top of the screen. Tap the ‘//’ button on your keyboard. 

  • In that chat, enter the code exactly as in the list. You can also copy and paste codes from the above list to the chat section. 

  • To claim your reward, simply submit the code to chat

Hunter x Athena Script

Hunter X Athena Clan Tier List


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