Horror or Revenge?? – Part 3 (Scare..)

hi readers..here’s the following episode.

Sirat and Ranveer stops Ridhima..

Sirat:Ridhima..i need to let you know one thing.

Ridhima:haan..inform sirat.

Sirat: the culprits are right here as visitors..

Ridhim will get surprised..

Ridhima:what? Is all of them the ones culprits for naira’s situation and your existence?

Ranveer:now not everybody..3 amongst them are culprits.

Ridhima:who’re they?

Ranveer: my two brothers and one lady. I’ve one personal brother and two cousins and in that one in every of my cousin is excellent however my very own brother and one cousin are culprits..

Ridhima will get surprised and feels unhealthy..

Ridhima:how affordable? Your individual kin have finished this. I don’t know what they did in your existence however i suppose they have got disturbed you extra and attempted to kill naira..

Sirat:sure.. we will be able to let you know what they did to us on proper time. However we need to punish them..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 00 58 7432
Ridhima: sure. I will be able to let you each..

Ranveer:no..we will be able to see them you simply lend a hand us by means of taking good care of naira.. please..

Ridhima: don’t please me..it’s my accountability to deal with my buddy. You guys punish the culprits..they wish to be punished.

Screenshot 2022 11 21 04 51 56 4912
Sirat hugs ridhima..

Sirat:thank you for being our make stronger and please don’t inform this to any individual..

Ridhima:i promise..i wont inform.

At afternoon Rishabh Kabir karan and vansh are observed chilling in yard little some distance clear of swimming pool..

Karan:this kartik is lazy..he’s chilling in room.

Rishabh: then the place is mahir Bela and preeta?

Karan:they’re different lazy people who find themselves chilling in room too in combination..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 02 53 0372
Kabir:karan.. Don’t communicate as if you’re lively individual. You might be extra lazy in house..

Karan:that’s other case bhai. After we come to revel in..we must surrender our laziness like me..

Vansh:if you’re feeling so..then move and produce them..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 03 28 7492
Karan:acha.. I’ll move..


Whilst naira comes there and she or he sits close to swimming and she or he doesn’t understand the ones guys sitting little away and she or he  shall we her leg throughout the pool..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 05 35 1612
Naira in thoughts:so dull..sirat and jiju doesn’t pop out when visitors comes..i don’t know why. And Ridhima too isn’t coming to play and communicate with me now..iam so bored right here.

Kartik’s room which was once simply above comes out to balcony and he will get suprised seeing naira and smiles and begins admiring her..

He seems at her with out blinking and simply admires her as though there is not any international past her..

20221121 094401 COLLAGE
Naira hears some voices and she or he turns and sees vansh, rishabh and Kabir and will get surprised..

She begins to get flashes seeing Kabir and Rishabh..


Kabir and Rishabh are torturing sirat whilst naira tries to avoid wasting her by means of beating them..

However chauhan comes there and drags her and he tries to push her off the cliff..

Naira screams:no.. please don’t push me..i don’t need to die.. please don’t kill me..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 12 33 6053
Sirat who was once held captive by means of Rishab and Kabir cries..

Sirat shouts: please.. please depart her.. Don’t kill her.. please..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 14 11 4782
However chauhan pushes her off the cliff and naira falls unfortunately..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 12 57 2392
Flash ends whilst naira begins to panic seeing the flash..

Naira:no.. don’t kill me..i need to are living.. please don’t kill me..

She begins respiring closely considering the flash to be taking place now..

Naira:no.. Don’t kill me..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 15 51 8852
Kartik sees her expression and will get surprised..

Kartik in thoughts: what came about to her? Why is she respiring like this?

Naira hallucinates chauhan Rishab and Kabir close to her and screams..

Naira:no.. Don’t kill me..i need to are living..

Kartik will get surprised listening to this..

Kartik in thoughts: what came about to her? Why is she telling like this..I’ll higher move and take a look at.

Kartik comes instantly there and naira begins working away as she hallucinates the previous chauhan Kabir and Rishabh killing her..

Naira: please don’t kill me..i don’t need to die..

She runs to the some edge whilst kartik runs instantly and he pulls her in opposition to him and holds her by means of shoulders..

Kartik:loosen up.. what came about to you? Why are you screaming like this?

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 20 49 0672
Naira nonetheless sees Rishabh Kabir and chauhan close to her and cries..

Naira:see..they’ll kill me. He is attempting to push me off this mountain..i don’t need to die.. please save me..

Kartik will get surprised..

Kartik:however there is not any one right here..and nobody is pushing you..so calm down..

Naira hugs him tightly and cries..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 25 42 5452
Naira:no..they’re close to me..they’re looking to kill me.. please save me.

Kartik understands that she is hallucinating one thing and he comforts her..

Kartik:superb..superb..I’ll prevent from them. Now simply shut your eyes..I’ll beat them up and take you from right here.

Naira closes her eyes and kartik lifts her and takes her to room..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 27 03 9772
He makes her lie down and..

Kartik:now open your eyes..

Naira opens her eyes and sees nobody apart from kartik and she faints..

Kartik:hiya..hiya lady.. what came about?

Ridhima comes there and will get surprised..

Ridhima:hi.. what are you doing in our room?

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 37 20 9382
Kartik:iam sorry to go into right here. However this lady was once hallucinating one thing and was once panicking and so i in some way pacified her and taken her right here and she were given subconscious now..

Ridhima will get surprised..

Ridhima in thoughts: she..i do know she hallucinates the incident that came about to her. I used to be now not mindful until now of why she thinks that however now i understood. However she hallucinates best when she will get surprised..however why did she get now?

Ridhima: thank you for bringing her right here. However did she will get surprised or one thing..

Kartik:i don’t know as i simply noticed her from balcony. When you don’t thoughts.. are you able to inform what came about to her and why it came about to her?

Ridhima recollects her promise and..

Ridhima: iam sorry..i will’t let you know as i promised si..i imply naira that i gained’t inform any individual about her hallucination. However something i will inform is..it happens as she was once finished mind surgical operation sooner than 3 years because of nerve harm and physician suggested to not give her shocks or pressure which may end up in this state..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 49 02 5062

Kartik will get surprised and will get unhappy for her..

Kartik:ohh.. that’s very unhealthy to listen to. However anyhow..i want for her restoration.

All at once Ridhima will get a decision..

Ridhima:hi..did the medication got here?

Caller:sure..you’ll be able to come and acquire it.

Ridhima:thanks..i will be able to come inside mins.

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 53 25 2892
She cuts the decision and thinks tips on how to depart by myself because it was once her accountability and sees kartik..

Ridhima in thoughts:he turns out excellent..i suppose he isn’t that perpetrator and that’s why he requested about her. I would possibly get lend a hand from him..

Kartik was once about to move however Ridhima stops him..

Ridhima: excuse me..are you able to do a lend a hand?

Kartik:yeah..inform me..

Ridhma: in fact i wish to move to clinical for gathering naira’s drugs..so are you able to keep together with her until i come? Woh..when she is on this state..she would possibly will get afraid of she unearths nobody close to her when she opens eyes..that’s why.

Kartik:you don’t fear..i will be able to be right here until you come back.

Ridhima is going whilst kartik sits in mattress and he stares naira with out even a unmarried blink unfortunately..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 05 54 57 1762
Then a fab breeze comes from window making naira chilly and her fingers and legs begins to shiver and kartik notices it and he choices a blanket and covers her lovingly..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 06 32 32 8992

Later Ridhima comes and thank you kartik and he smiles seeing naira and is going again to his crew in yard..

Karan involves preeta’s room and will get surprised seeing her dressed superbly..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 06 43 54 1032
Preeta notices karan via replicate and will get surprised and she or he turns in opposition to him..

Preeta: what nonsense? Why are you taking a look at me whilst iam getting able?

Karan:you don’t communicate nonsense..when you don’t need any individual to look then you why are you getting able retaining door opened?

Preeta will get aggravated..

Preeta: if the door is opened..then will you spot me? Can’t you move away after seeing that iam getting able..

Karan:i used to be taking a look at you admiring your ghostly determine. I don’t know whom did you propose to scare and kill with this ghostly Avatar..as i don’t worry for ghosts i dint will get scared seeing you..however deficient pals..i don’t understand how they’re going to react seeing you.

Preeta will get surprised and understands that he’s making a laugh of her make up..

Preeta:you..how dare you’re making a laugh of my glance? I were given able superbly however you make a laugh..wait.. what I’ll do now..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 21 27 4352
Preeta chases karan whilst karan runs round and he enters preeta’s room and climbs at the mattress whilst preeta screams..

Preeta:arghhhhh..i don’t like any individual getting on my mattress..get down instantly..

Karan: don’t get indignant..it’s this space proprietor’s mattress now not yours.. so don’t carry your BP for it..

Preeta will get extra aggravated and she or he too clims mattress to cath him however her leg slips and was once about to fall whilst karan sees it and he was once about to carry her however he too loses steadiness and each falls on each and every different they usually meet with an eyelock..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 06 46 14 3782
Inside some moments preeta pushes him away and will get up..

Preeta: you’re pointless..you couldn’t hang me and save me additionally..

Karan will get up and stares her..

Karan:excuse me i misplaced steadiness that’s it. However you’re pointless as you guys are chilling throughout the room atself as an alternative of popping out..did we come right here for it?

Preeta: in fact i believed to return out once you have able however bela and mahir long gone out to meet up with you guys in yard..dint they arrive but?


Preeta:i ponder the place they went.. they went way back..

Karan smiles..

Karan:i doubt whether or not they’re love birds.. all the time in combination in the whole lot or even in lacking too. Now i will be able to catch them pink passed..wait..

preeta laughs..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 21 13 9482

Karan is going fiecely to seek out them..

At a nook mahir pulls bela nearer..


Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 27 13 3202
Mahir:close up bela..now don’t get started your discussion that” mahir.. any individual will see..” as i based a pleasant nook for our romance so no you’ll find this position..

Bela: you’re getting over tacky at the moment..so keep watch over..

Mahir:arrey..we’re fans and what’s flawed in getting tacky with a female friend?Don’t grow to be a hitler in our love..

Mahir will get nearer to kiss whilst bela closes her eyes in shyness..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 25 30 2332
All at once karan comes there shouting..

Karan:mahir..bela..the place are you each?

Listening to his voice they transfer away instantly and karan sees them and springs..

Karan:you each right here? What have been you each doing by myself on this nook?

Bela and mahir will get embarassed they usually lie..

Bela and mahir:we have been preventing..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 26 22 2562
Karan offers a at a loss for words glance..

Karan: preventing and not using a sound? No struggle occurs and not using a sound..and when i used to be nearing this facet..i dint get any voice or sound of your struggle..

Mahir: in fact..karan..we’re professional in dumb preventing too.


Karan’s doubt will increase..

Karan in thoughts: i will sense one thing between you each. You’ll be able to lie now..however i will be able to catch you each at some point..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 29 12 0952
Karan:acha..then come to yard quickly with out losing time as we got here to revel in..

Bela:we will be able to come..

Karan is going whilst mahir Whispers in bela’s ears…

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 27 41 5182
Mahir:he changed into our past love enemy..

Bela laughs they usually each move..

The kids enjoys themselves properly..


At night time everybody is going to sleep whilst rishabh and kartik sleeps on a room..

In the dead of night the heavy wind blows waking rishabh..

Rishabh in thoughts:why is that this wind blowing like this ? I’ll move and shut the window..

Screenshot 2022 11 21 09 32 27 5752

Rishabh sees kartik napping and he strikes away with out hectic him and closes the window..

Rishabh:thank god..now it’s ok. I’ll move and sleep after going washroom..

He is going to washroom and he opens the bipe from washbasin and he washes his fingers..

All at once the lighting fixtures get off within the washroom stunning him..

Rishabh in thoughts:what came about ? Why did the lighting fixtures move off..perhaps the electrical energy would have long gone..

All at once the clear water turns right into a blood in washbasin..

Rishabh will get surprised and scared..

20221121 095950 COLLAGE
Rishabh:ho..how..how can..can a..wa..water alternate t..to re..pink co.. color?

All at once a frightening voice comes from in the back of..

Voice:i will alternate..i will alternate the whole lot..

He will get scared on the voice and he turns shivering and sees a girls strolling in opposition to him with each fingers and toes and her frame and head the wrong way up..

He will get scared and screams..

20221121 095932 COLLAGE
Rishabh: aaahhhhh..

He faints at the washroom..

PRECAP:- Naira performs with kartik. Kabir will get scared. Everybody makes a laugh of rishabh..

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