Gangster Gangaraju Movie Cast, Who Are The Cast In Gangster Gangaraju?

Gangster Gangaraju Movie Cast, Who Are The Cast In Gangster Gangaraju?

Gangster Gangaraju 

Gangster Gangaraju (Telugu film) is directed by Eeshaan Surayah and produced under the auspices of Sri Tirumala Tirupati Vishna Films. Vedika Dutt, Laksh Chhadalavada, are the leads in this film. It was released on June 24, 20,22. Sai Karthik is the music director for this film. 

Gangster Gangaraju Movie Cast

Laksh Chadalavada Gangaraju 
Vedika dutt Uma Devi 
Vennela Kishore Bachchan Thakur 
Goparaju Ramana  Nagaraju 
Charandeep  Basireddy 
Satya Krishna  Satyavathi 
Sammeta Gandhi  Srinivas Rao 
Lavanya Reddy  Tatali 

Gangster Gangaraju Movie Cast And Crew

Laksh Chadalavada

Laksh Chadalavada, an Indian actor, is best known for his work within the Telugu cinema industry. He has appeared as an actor in Shankar (2006) and Gangster Gangaraju (2022).

Vedika dutt

Vedieka Dutt, an Indian actress, has mainly worked in the Telugu film industry. Public attention was given to the films A Simple Murder (2021), Gangster Gangaraju (2022), Kathmandu Connection (2021).

About Gangster Gangaraju 

Film  Gangster Gangaraju 
Director  Eeshaan Suryaah 
Genre  Action 
Release date  June 24, 2022 
Country of origin  India 
Language  Telugu 
Production  Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films 

Gangster Gangaraju Trailer 

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