Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together in Love in the Villa?

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Netflix’s romantic film ‘Love in the Villa’ revolves around Julie Hutton and Charlie Fletcher, who get forced to share a villa upon arriving in the Italian city of Verona. Her boyfriend Brandon tells Julie before Julie arrives that he needs a break in their relationship. Julie considers Brandon to be her ex-partner. Charlie and Cassie are taking a break while the former is in Verona.

Charlie and Julie are surprised to learn that Brandon and Cassie end up in the same place. Even though Cassie and Brandon’s plans to get back together with Charlie and Julie respectively do not go as they want, they strike a connection during their brief encounter. Could this mean that they end up together We think so! SPOILERS Ahead

What happens when Cassie and Brandon get together?

Both Charlie and Julie arrive to Verona carrying baggage from their past relationships. For Julie, Brandon is a closed book. In Charlie’s case, he emotionally distances himself from the on-and-off dramas of his relationship with Cassie. Cassie and Brandon are different. Coincidentally, they both arrive in Verona to meet their partners who aren’t ready to welcome them. Brandon meets Julie and expresses how much his colleagues and family members miss her but doesn’t express whether he misses her. Cassie, on the other hand, doesn’t let go of Charlie after having several breaks in their relationship.

However, Cassie and Brandon make a complete change when they meet Julie and Charlie. Charlie, through his time with Julie, realizes that his dreams and aspirations shouldn’t be valued by the monetary figures. Julie, on the other hand, realizes that she is good enough to dream and wait for a “Romeo” rather than lowering the bar and settling with Brandon. These realizations lead to Charlie and Julie’s break up with Cassie and Brandon respectively. Although Charlie and Julie are the perfect match, Cassie & Brandon show us that they can also be a perfect match.

Brandon feels elated after meeting Cassie and learning that he is going to dinner with a fashion stylist who was featured in Vogue. Charlie can’t appreciate her accomplishments or find value in them. Brandon is the perfect match for Cassie because they don’t care about their emotional connection. She is more concerned with creating a story that Charlie broke up with Cassie to protect her image than it is about the strength of their emotional connection. Brandon wants to reunite Julie with his family and colleagues only because he loves her and does not care about Julie.

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Because Cassie and Brandon are more concerned about their relationships’ outward appearance, there is a chance that they will be together. However, at the end of the film, Brandon orders two glasses of prosecco, the same white vine Cassie couldn’t even take a sip of while she was with Charlie, for him and Cassie. Brandon’s taste in wine may make Cassie think that he is inferior to her in several ways. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cassie will not welcome Brandon into her life as her boyfriend.

Throughout Cassie’s relationship with Charlie, she has frequently reminded him how she is a superior person between the two and how she is way out of his league. Cassie believes Charlie is lucky to have such an accomplished girlfriend. This sense, of superiority, must be giving Cassie an innate sense of authority and power in their relationship. Brandon is the best option for Cassie if she wants to have such control over her partner. She has more to her name and is proud of her social standing. Brandon may be her best choice.

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