Did 3000 Cows Dead In Kansas Due To Heat? Heat Wave In Kansas Killed At Least 3000 Cows

Did 3000 Cows Dead In Kansas Due To Heat? Heat Wave In Kansas Killed At Least 3000 Cows

Did 3000 Cows Dead In Kansas Due To Heat?

Many people died due to extreme heat and humidity. Now, news is spreading that 3000 cows have been killed in Kansas.  Reports Reuters: Thousands of cattle were killed in Kansas by extreme heat and humidity over the weekend.

Several reports are circulating on the internet claiming that 3000 cattle have died due to heat stress. Based on data gathered from farmers and livestock specialists, it was believed that more damage had been done.

DTN states that Kansas’s high temperatures are causing a crisis.

Kansas: 3000 Cattle Dies

The heartbreaking Twitter video depicts the bodies of cows. It circulates online, claiming that 3000 people have died from the heat in Kansas. On Tuesday, Kansas State officials stated that the death toll for the cows was at least 2000. Others claimed that as many as 10,000 cows died from heat and humidity.

DTN based on data from livestock experts has reported that Kansas’ heat wave has claimed the lives of approximately 10,000 cattle fat as of Tuesday.

Kansas: Cows are Dead

Scarlett Hagins spoke for the Kansas Livestock Association. She stated that Cattle were suffering heat stress because of high humidity and temperatures in western Kansas. Then, cooling breezes vanished. She said that the animals were unable to adapt to this sudden change.

AJ Tarpoff was the Kansas State University’s beef extension veterinarian.

Kansas heat wave killed more than 3000 cows

The president of World Weather Inc, Drew Lerner, told Reuters, “It’s going to be oppressively hot and stressful for the animals. You can’t say, ‘Oh I checked them three days ago. When it gets hot, you’ve got to be out every day, making sure that their water is maintained.”

Drew stated that temperatures reached 42° Celsius (108° Fahrenheit), in northwest Kansas, by Monday. This weekend, western Kansas and parts of the Texas Panhandle will be close to 110 degrees. However, stronger winds and lower humidity levels can help reduce cattle deaths.

Kansas Heat Wave Cows

Kansas is currently experiencing heat waves that have led to the death of 10,000 cattle. Temperatures in Kansas are now above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Kansas’s heat wave is the most severe natural disaster. According to livestock experts, the heat wave had already caused severe damage to Kansas’ livestock agriculture by Monday. In recent years, the intense heat in the US has been a sign of a growing natural disaster due to global warming and climate change.

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