Raised $16M in Funding$16m was raised by, a NY-based company that provides event management, payment processing and SMS apps on Salesforce.

This includes $15M of debt financing and almost $1M of primary financing.

The investment is valued at $75 million and will help the company expand its event management platform and payment processing platform, as well as double employee retention. is led by Chris Federspiel, the CEO and co-founder. It provides native-Salesforce apps, enhanced by technology partners like AWS or Heroku, to companies in all industries looking for digital acceleration. It can help you adopt a Return on Event mindset via live and digital events, reduce compliance risks, or ensure that payments can be made securely from anywhere. has hired industry veteran Brett Waters, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, to help it grow. Additionally,  Stuart Croft will transition into the new role of Chief Operating Officer, where he will lead initiatives to position the business for growth to $50M ARR. 



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