Bigg Boss 16 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 seventeenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Day 47
8 AM
Everybody wakes up and sings the anthem.
Shiv does a exercise giving Abdu a piggyback experience. He does push-ups with Abdu on his again.

11:45 AM
Shiv involves Archana. She says I will be able to do the tasks after I need. He says need juice? Espresso? Tea? He says Archana isn’t getting up. Nimrit says she’s loopy. Sajid says to come to a decision what to do together with her. Everybody cleans the lawn for added groceries.

12:30 PM
soundarya cries and says I take such a lot pressure. I’ve suffered such a lot right here simply because I care. My folks should be so fearful. Archana says don’t take the strain. They might be hitting heads on partitions. They should be asking if you happen to’re right here to play or love. Gautam says Archana we don’t do issues for the digital camera. Don’t upload further drama. She says her folks should be crying. Gautam says I’ve folks too. Sajid says I will be able to throw her out. ASk her Nimrit if she’s now not neatly or I will be able to throw her out. Soundarya says you by no means communicate to me after I want you. Nimrit asks Archana if she’s k? She says I’m effective. I wanna sleep. Archana says Sajid used to be taunting me such a lot the day prior to this. Sajid says if she doesn’t do her accountability I will be able to do what she does. Priyanka says tells her if she doesn’t do her job in an hour, she won’t get meals. Sajid says she is going to cook dinner hers. He says you each move if she doesn’t paintings in 20 mins she is going to get punished. Shiv tells Archana if she doesn’t do her accountability she is going to get punished. It’s a must to pay attention to Raja Ji. She says I will be able to do my duties after I need. Nimrit says you are going to blank at night time. You’ve to do it in 20 mins. Archana says don’t bark. Nimrit says you bark, we simplest communicate. Nimi says they’re celebrities and they’re spoons. Sajid says we have now to do so now.

12:30 PM
Everybody throes Archana’s stuff out of the room within the lawn. They drag her bed too. Soundarya says are you all loopy? Sajid says she thinks she’s a famous person. They throw all her stuff in prison. Archana says I’m really not by myself. Sounadrya says I will be able to communicate to Sajid. Nimrit says not anything modified in her. They throw her issues within the pool. Sajid says she doesn’t rule right here. Priyanka says she’s calling me your spoon. Archana says Priyanka is attempting to be of their team.

2:30 PM
Sajid says the sport is one-sided. Sajid additionally will get further meals. Archana says they’re 10 other folks now. Ankit and Priyanka also are there. e Gautam says no they’re now not. Soundarya says he is aware of higher he used to be with them always. Gautam says I wasn’t. Archana says she’s saving herself from nomination. Gautam says they’re focused on Ankit. Priyanka asks Gautam what’s she announcing. He tells her and says I instructed them you’re now not with them.

4 PM
Abdu and Sajid do a long-son short-son display with Priyanka. Abdu asks why do you get intro fights. She says I get up for the proper I will be able to’t tolerate improper. Sajid says asks what do you blank your enamel with? She says it’s a herbal white. Abdu says you and Ankit? Buddies or love? She says we like each and every different however we’re buddies. They snigger.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s Raja Sajid’s regime. Some other folks like him and a few aren’t satisfied. Who desires to modify the regime? Simplest Archana raises their hand. Everybody laughs. Bigg Boss asks if is there someone who desires to be the captain. Everybody raises their arms. Bigg Boss says what hypocrisy. Ankit says we’re k with him as Raja. However we need to be captains ourselves too. Bigg Boss says possibly the target audience is like this aspect of yours. Don’t stand in opposition to any person however take advantages. Priyanka says no sir. Bigg Boss says there will probably be a role between Raja’s favorites and non-favorites. If favorites win. Sajid will proceed. Non-favorites should kill a favourite. Favorites must continue to exist. I will be able to inform you the right way to kill. If favorites doubt any non-fav they are able to lock them in prison however one after the other simplest.

4:45 PM
Nimrit says we will agree with Sumbul however, now not Shalin. Tina says k you all the time have issues of us Sajid. Sajid says you’ll play your sport. Nimrit says it must keep between us. Priyanka and Gautam make the tactic. Tina says if we win I wanna be the captain. Shiv says you’ll play with them. Archana says those other folks don’t have any disgrace. They threw my issues right here. They’re ganging up on me. Tina says I’ve to play good and say that I’m with them. Do you all agree with me? It shouldn’t again fireplace. Nimrit says we agree with you.

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