BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 Release Date: Dark Schneider Reborn

BASTARD Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 is delayed but will return for another season. The current episode will be the next. The story continues after Arshes destroyed the castle with lightning, and Dark Schneider saves Yoko & Sheila. Arshes becomes angry at Schneider’s association with other women and challenges Schneider to fight. During the battle, Arshes managed to negate his magic, but Efreet’s spirit interfered, which caused his sword form to destroy Arshes’ lightning sword. Schneider reminds Arshes that they love one another, but she continues attacking him. Arshes are reminded by Abigail that Schneider can either die from the curse or be killed. 

The army then heads off to a new battle. But, Dark Schneider tells them that he still loves them before they re-engage in battle. Arshes discovers what Schneider has done in the past and believes that it is his nature tell different women that he loves them. Dark Schneider asks Dark Schneider if she wants to stop after the wizards unleash their spirits in battle. But Arshes and the other wizard’s powerful signature spell is similar to Dark Schneider, Exodus. Arshes says she will build a world that is free of poverty, so every orphan will live a happy life.

She tries scare Yoko, but Schneider is furious and attacks the woman. But Lushe’s consciousness reminds him of the curse on Arshes. Schneider realizes that Arshes isn’t doing everything she wants and decides to stop her. He se his blade and stepped his heart out of his chest to stop Arshes’s curse. Schneider falls to the ground and everyone weeps, realizing that he might be dead. They went with Scheider and let him rest in the church. Kall-Su was joined by Abvigal, who fought another battle and retaken other kingdoms.

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After conquering a few kingdoms Abigail, Kall-Su and KallSu discover the other seals. They realize that the last seal was in  Metallicana. They call their troops and send them to Metallicana. Meanwhile, the King realizes that the battle has changed everything and reveals that the last seal is within Sheila’s body. Geo is reminded to kill Sheila, if they lose the battle. Goe accepted King’s request and got ready to complete his task. After breaking the seals, Abigail awakens Anthrasax. Sheila is not aware that she will feel pain as the seals are still within her body. 


Arshes protects her kingdom to honor Scheider who was buried at church. She discovers that Abigal went to the battle to destroy the world, and she won’t make it a paradise. On the other side, Abigail calls out a mighty Cyclops from Anthrasax’s flesh. Arshes is getting dominated by the enemies and realizes she is no match, wondering if she will die without fulfilling Schneider’s wish. Gara arrives with an additional army and helps Arshes. They now feel confident that they will win the battle. 

The Cyclops, however, destroys his army and regenerates after they attack. Suddenly Scheider’s heart regenerates, and Yoko notices something strange about him. Schneider wakes up after Yoko slaps him. After breaking his heart, she realizes he is reborn. Schneider realizes the battle isn’t over and he must continue fighting after reuniting again with Yoko. He faces Abigail and the Cyclops and defeats them. Scheider and Arshes reunite and Sheila starts to feel better. Scheider tells Sheila that he will never lose, with Arshes & Gara by his side. Kall-Su discovers that Anthrasax has been sealed and vows to get his revenge. 

BASTARD: Heavy Metal and Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 Released Date

BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 will release on 15 September 2022. This is the return to season 2, which was announced after season 1’s finale in episode 13. Episode 14 was delayed, so a new release date is listed above. Check out the official updates for BASTARD: Heavy Metal and Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14. 

BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14


Watch BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

On Netflix, you can watch BASTARD Episode 14: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14. This anime is only available on Netflix at this time, unless other official platforms like Chrunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video update the latest information. Netflix will offer the dub/sub for BASTARD Season 2 Episode 14: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy. Let’s meet when BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 is released. 

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