Are Catfish Couples Still Together? Are Any Catfish The TV Show Couples Still Together?

Are Catfish Couples Still Together

Catfish: The TV Show, a popular American reality-based documentary TV series, is well-known. The series is currently in its 8th Season. The 8th season aired its first episode on January 8, 2020 and is still being aired. The show has a large following. Catfish: The TV Show, a show about dating, has fans been asking if Catfish couples are still together?

Are there any ‘Catfish The Television Show’ couples still together?

Questions such as Are Catfish Couples Still Together Are there any ‘Catfish the TV Show’ couples still together? It became a popular topic on the internet. People were curious to know if there were any ‘Catfish’ couples still together. Let’s see some famous couples from Catfish and whether they are still together in this article. 

What Catfish Couples are Still Together?

1) Derek And Lauren

Lauren and Derek split up despite being portrayed as a “real couple”, Catfish being Derek wasn’t lying about his identity. They made an amicable announcement to their fans in 2014. While Lauren is quiet on social media, Derek has married another person.

2) Kya And Alyx

Alyx and Kya catfished one another when they first connected via a vampire forum. After Kya admitted to it, she started to believe that Alyx was also lying regarding his identity. Catfish intervened to discover that Alyx was actually Dani, a transgender male. They decided to remain a couple. After the recording of the show, the couple broke up. Today, Dani, who had undergone gender reassignment surgery to his transition, is now happily married to Kya. They no longer communicate with each other or keep in touch.


3) Justin And Artis

Artis and Justin got in a heated argument on one of the most memorable Catfish episodes. Artis later learned that Justin was the man who had been talking with the beautiful female model. According to Justin’s Twitter, the two are still close friends and collaborate on YouTube videos, despite their disagreement.

4) Mike and Felicia

After meeting online, these two quickly became close friends. Mike called Felicia’s show to give Max and Nev a chance for a reconciliation. Felicia didn’t show up to their meeting. Felicia was exposed for lying to several aspects of her history, but Mike only cared about her physical appearance and name. Felicia posted a Twitter post a few months later, despite the fact that they had made the decision together. Mike currently lives in New Jersey. Felicia is single.

5) Matt And Kim

Kim and Matt have been communicating over the internet for more than ten year, but have never met in person. They met Catfish when they arrived. It was clear that Matt had been honest about his identity and was only reluctant to meet in person because of his weight. After the show, they remained close. Unfortunately, they never fell in love. Kim and Matt remain close friends, even though they have other relationships. Matt has lost over 300 pounds since the episode aired. 

6) Rico & Ja’mari

Rico was shocked when Ja’mari claimed he was a model but was actually a bus driver when Rico first met him. Ja’mari is actually James. Because of their love, James had a criminal history for stealing a bus. They agreed to keep in touch after the program but, based on their respective social media accounts, it seems they are no longer dating. Rico is currently training to be a model and James hasn’t tweet since 2015.


7) Leuh & Justin

Leuh initially felt a connection after meeting Justin on Instagram. However, he became suspicious after two failed attempts to meet him. After meeting on Catfish, the two decided to make their relationship a success. Everything looked promising prior to Leuh posting a Twitter update. Their friendship hasn’t changed.

8) Whitney And Bre

This duo was the first to catfish the entire show. Whitney first confessed to Max and Nev that she was unsure if Bre was sincere as an internet girlfriend. Max and Nev discovered that the couple were simply acting to get complimentary tickets to visit each other. Whitney is not active on social media and Bre’s Twitter is locked down. Bre suggested that maybe their relationship didn’t work in a 10-second video she posted in 2016. Whitney didn’t have any social media accounts we could find.


9) Ashley And Mike

These two were embarrassed about their weight and became the first “double catsfish” to appear on the program. They both lied to each other about their names, photos, and even their ages. They clicked immediately after their first meeting and decided to stay together. Mike died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism one month after the program aired. Ashley said that Mike and she were “very in love” at that time. Ashley also left three years later. The incident was reported by police as “possible overdose of narcotics”.

Catfish TV Show (TV Series).

Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality-based documentary television show. It aired on MTV. It talks about online dating’s truths and lies. It was inspired by Catfish, the 2010 movie. It premiered November 12, 2012. The show’s co-hosts are currently Nev Schulman, Kamie Crawford, and Kamie Crawford. Max Joseph served as a first seven seasons’ co-host and his last episode aired on August 22, 2018. Crawford joined the main cast in the show’s 8th season, who was the guest co-host in season 7’s numerous episodes.

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