AATIP UFO Details From Pentagon: Do Aliens Exist?

New information has been released about a UFO sighting that was recorded by the US military in the waters off California’s coast 14 years ago. The incident involving the “Tic Tac” UFO, named after a rapidly white object that closely resembles one of the mints, was first disclosed late last year by The New York Times and The Washington Post. KLAS, a CBS alliance in Las Vegas, got a copy of a report “compiled by and for the military” in 2009 that informs multiple encounters with unusual aerial vehicles (AAVs) over the course of two weeks in late 2004. The report also discussed the AAVs’ high speed and enhanced hiding capabilities, which allowed them to escape detection and observation. Based on the report, “the AAVs can indeed descend very quickly’ from approximately 60,000 feet to nearly 50 feet in a couple of seconds.”

People who believe in other worldly beings are now more curious after the evidence was released. Let’s dive deep into this.

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The US government claims that UFOs are “real.”

The 1-hour Portion of Sunday, MAY 16, 2021 was no doubt a shocking surprise for many people that the United States Government has did admit that UFOs are “true” and that the army is looking into the matter.  It was a short trip back in history for me, a quick summary of strange events over the past four years. A disheartening recap, as I’d wished for at least some new flakes of information to help me solve the rather confusing puzzle of what’s continuing on.

Part 1 begins with a question and answer session with Luis Elizondo. He is rumored be the former chief of AATIP: Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (a $22 million program started by Senator Harry Reid). This program was likely created to investigate future advances in aerospace. Elizondo says that the program was originally created to investigate UFOs. The funding was put out to bid in 2008 and was granted to Reid’s friend, UFO, and paranormal enthusiast Robert Bigelow.

Pentagon Washington

Elizondo begins with the shocking claim that “the Government now has stated for the record that [UFOs] are true.” That is unless you remember that “UFO” does not simply guarantee alien visitors, but rather something unsolved in the sky about which the viewer needs additional information to identify. Clearly, the government would acknowledge that such things are “real.” A mylar balloon flying into the range of a Navy jet’s camera is “real,” but the “U” in UFO and UAP does not necessarily indicate an alien life form or even an aircraft technology far beyond known physics and aerodynamics. Elizondo goes on to describe amazing technologies in craft, including the ability to accelerate at a 6oog that defies physics, reach speeds of 17,000 miles per hour in the atmosphere or under water. These are facts the government refuses to admit are true.

Pilot reports

According to pilots, there was also some substance in the water. A distortion the size of a football field was described by one pilot: “The commotion appeared to be 50 to 100 meters wide and near to round.” It was the only region and type of whitewater activity visible, and it remembered him of pictures of something quickly immersing from the surface, such as a submarine or ship going to sink.” The disturbed area looked like coastal water around a “just hardly sunken reef or island,” but as the aircraft took flight, he noticed that the commotion had cleared and the sea levels had quieted. Regardless of the fact that he never made a line of sight with whatever caused the commotion, the report says that it could have been affected by an AAV that was hidden due to cloaking and thus “invisible to the human eye.” Another pilot described an AAV disturbance underwater as “foamy waves and foam nearly as if the water was boiling.”

The submarine that visited the area found nothing unusual under water. If an object was found in the Pacific Ocean, “it would indicate a highly enhanced capability given the high tech capability of our detectors,” according to the researchers. According to the report, one fighter pilot reporting on the incidents received “a high level of contempt” about the incident.
The military did not verify or deny any of the report’s details and provided little to say about other early pics, such as a video released in March of a 2015 interaction.

Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo

The recordings of the “Tic Tac” UFO got a lot of attention last year after the New York Times published a secret Pentagon UFO initiative that has now agreed with no proof of alien life living On earth. Even so, Luis Elizondo, the program’s ex-military intelligence official, stated that there was additional information that the public had not yet viewed. Last December, he said On, “My personal view is that there is very strong proof that we may not be alone. “Other possible explanations involve advanced methods developed by the US military or intelligence services that have yet to be disclosed.”

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