11 November Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update: Sai Escapes From Police Station?

Pakhi says to Virat she doesn’t like his filing the FIR in favor of Sai and putting her in a solitary confinement. Virat insists that Sai must be punished severely for her sinister deed and will ensure she is punished. Virat takes Savi to Vinayak’s house. Sai calls Savi however Usha responds and informs her that Savi had left her phone after Virat was taken away.

She had phoned Jagtap to inform him that Sai decided to quit Nagpur and return to her old home. Sai questions why she decided to seek help from Jagtap as Jagtap caused the problem. Usha states that she doesn’t have other options. Constable attempts to steal Sai’s mobile. Sai insists that she allow her to talk to her daughter after Virat grabbed her daughter from her. She asks if she have an ounce of heart. Constable allows her to make a phone call.

11 November Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode Update

Virat sings a tune and creates Savi and Vinayak to sleep. The kids doze off. Virat is emotional and thanks Vinayak for bringing his daughter back to him. He gets a call from Sai to Vinayak’s phone, then removes it and blocks her phone number. Sai knows Vinu’s mobile is with Virat and is thinking about how low Virat could go. Virat calls the inspector and tells her to take the phone away from Sai. Sai is furious, walks out of the interrogation room, grabs the inspector’s gun, and threatens police to let her go to be with her child. Ninad and Ashwini are both at peace seeing Virat helping Savi go to sleep. Ashwini is content for Virat and sad for Pakhi because she experienced an unexpected storm.

A child is the perfect addition to a family’s life. After Savi’s return Sai and Virat’s bond became complete despite their separation however, their relationship with Pakhi was not complete despite her being with Virat. Ninad believes she’s right and he can see joy and happiness on Virat’s face after Savi’s return as well as the fact that they are now grandparents to a grandson and granddaughter thanks to God’s grace. Ashwini has said she would like to embrace her granddaughter. Ninad adds later that Savi is asleep and brings her outside. They spot Pakhi looking sad in the dining hall.

Inspector advises Sai to take back the gun and go back to the investigation room since she’s getting into the blame for herself for taking this action. Sai declares that she does not intend to hurt anyone and just wants her daughter to be back. She requests the inspector to contact Virat. Inspector replies that Virat is her highest authority and she’s not able to contact Virat.

Sai wants to make a call, and she calls the commissioner to visit Civil Lines Police station right now since she requires his assistance. Sai informs the inspector that she will explain the higher authority. Ashwini and Ninad stroll towards Pakhi. Pakhi is frightened and announces that she will prepare them dinner. She then discovers that there’s no meal. Ashwini inquires if she’s worried that Virat will pay the attention of Savi and disregard her. Pakhi declares she is thrilled with Virat. Ashwini comforts and hugs her.

Commissioner is seated with Sai and hears about her experience. Sai claims that everyone here regards Virat to be their hero. She she was detained with force. Commissioner says she made wrong by shooting at police. Sai insists it was not her intention and accepts the mistake.

Commissioner contacts Inspector. He asks Sai about charges against Sai and inquires whether Virat had filed an FIR stating that she held Sai. Inspector replies that Virat stated that he would do so later. Sai claims that her Aaba was the one who taught her to be respectful of the law, but she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she isn’t able to bring her daughter back. Commissioner frees her. Sai arrives at Virat’s home and becomes emotional after seeing Savi asleep and hugging Virat. She takes Savi quietly and then leaves after that.

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