11 Nov 2022 Rajjo Written Episode Update | Arjun gets hospitalized

Today’s show Rajjo we watched Urvashi apologize for her behavior to Chirag for her actions. Chirag says that he is aware of Arjun better and is sure too. If Arjun is not right, he is aware that Chirag is the first to correct his mistake. Chirag says Arjun would do the same as Chirag.

They are shown a brief video showing that Arjun is the race leader. Kalindi calls Chirag privately and asks him what Urvashi was discussing. Chirag claims that he’s never before seen Kalindi scared of anyone. Chirag asks her why she’s terrified of Urvashi the moment she is. Kalindi states that she is perfectly fine and has the same chemistry with Urvashi. Kalindi is concerned about what they had been talking about.

11 Nov 2022 Rajjo Written Episode Update

The race is still on But Rajjo has a difficult time since she’s already exhausted from chores at home. Arjun has a slowdown and worries about her, but decides to reconsider his position and concludes that this is all a scam. He continues to race as Rajjo remembers the advice of the coach to keep her energy up to be successful. Rajjo is the first to lead in the final seconds and win the race.

Chirag announces Rajjo to be the winner. Chirag dances to celebrate winning with Sia. Arjun collapses and is taken to hospital. Rajjo is also keen to visit the hospital, but Urvashi forces her. Rajjo rushes into the medical facility. The girl is determined to help Arjun.

Pushkar is at the hospital when he informs the hospital that he’s arranged to see the top medical professionals for Arjun. Rajjo arrives at the hospital and inquires with Kalindi concerning Arjun. She then goes to the room and finds Arjun in critical health. Urvashi and Arjun’s mother prevent her from being able to see Arjun. She says she blames Rajjo for the condition of Arjun, because Rajjo was her who pushed Arjun to the race.

The doctors claim that the condition of Arjun results from the reaction caused by the medication he receives for his kidney. Rajjo has a thought to see Arjun. She hides in the table, and heads out to meet Arjun.

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