11 Nov 2022 Faltu Written Episode Update | Ayaan coaches Anmol

Today’s episode of Faltu We saw Charan becoming anxious about the cost of repaying the loan. Ayaan attempts to offer cash to Charan. Faltu says she is not interested and can’t accept money from Ayaan because it would prove to the world that only boys can help his father. She claims she doesn’t wish to become the Faltu. Instead, she wants Anmol to assist her and to begin his training today. Ayaan agrees.

Charan is asked how she will organize the money for aiding Anmol. Charan also asks what Anmol is. Faltu insists on trusting her. Siddharth is introduced to Tanisha and shows her the clip where Ayaan prepares Dal Baati with Faltu. He intends to make Ayaan an fool in front of Janardhan.

11 Nov 2022 Faltu Written Episode Update

Ratan along with Kaki and pondering how Faltu can be so sure in arranging the money in only three days. Kaki wants to know whether Ayaan helps them. She says Pappi will offer an amount worth of cash exchange for the wedding of Faltu. She claims that they’ll lose the cash should Faltu can repay the loan. She observes Faltu leaving the home. She is following her.

Faltu can see Kaki and starts making noises using her bangles. Kaki is scared, thinking that it’s an evil witch. She Faltu intimidates her. Pratap can further increase her anxiety when he informs her there is a witch in the village and likes to devour women. Faltu is disguised and is ready to prepare for the event.

Faltu gets to the ground five minutes later. In the rush she is thrown over Ayaan. Ayaan demands that she do five rounds of punishment. He can’t help but notice that there are similarities in Faltu as well as Anmol. He begins her coaching and assists her in improving her posture.

Pappi visit the store and change the labels on the items. He warns that if customers discover he’s selling old items, it will cause a sensational story that will damage its image. store.

Ayaan is confronted by Faltu and tells him that Ayaan is aware of Anmol’s identity. Is declares that he’ll help Faltu defend her father’s honor.

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