Youtube Is Not Receiving Enough Video To Maintain Smooth Streaming, How To Fix Youtube Not Receiving Enough Video Issue?


YouTube’s headquarters are located in San Bruno, California. YouTube is an American social media platform and online video sharing site. Jawed Karaim, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley discovered the site on February 14, 2005. Google currently owns Youtube, which is second in popularity after Google Search. YouTube is used by more than 2.5 billion people each month. They also watch over a billion hours of video per day. In May 2019, more than 500 hours were uploaded by content creators to each minute of video.

Youtube Doesn’t Receive Enough Video to Maintain Smooth Streaming


1. YouTube, one the most popular live-streaming platforms has been subject to complaints that it isn’t receiving enough video to keep seamless streaming.

2. YouTube supports 4K streaming but users need the right hardware and software.

3. The stream’s quality may be affected by a slow or unstable internet connection. Low bandwidth might cause slow streaming.

Youtube Doesn’t Receive Enough Video to Maintain Smooth Streaming 

The following fixes can be used to address the problem:

1. Log out, log back in to YouTube 

If YouTube does not receive enough content to support seamless streaming, you should log back in to YouTube. Reconnect to YouTube. After this, restart your computer. Finally, log in to YouTube

2. Verify your internet connection

IYouTube, by all means, could make it easy to broadcast content at 1080p. However, this is dependent on the speed of your internet connection. There shouldn’t be any problems if the internet speed is greater than 10MBPS. You will need to reduce streaming to 720p if the speed is not enough. The streaming app will determine the best way to reduce the video quality.

3. Modify the streaming program

Sometimes the streaming software might be the problem. You can change the streaming software to fix this problem. If OBS is your current streaming program, you might consider switching to Twitch. This minor modification will fix the problem.

4. Modify the device

Switching devices may be an option if your current device is unable to handle 1080p live streaming. This will help you determine the source of the problem. If your issue machine is not working on another device, you might be able to fix it by upgrading the graphics card and RAM.

5. Take your time

If streaming suddenly stops working after being perfectly fine, it could be due to a bandwidth issue or server problem. If this happens, try the previous recommended remedies in this article first. You may need to wait for the issue’s resolution.

6. Troubleshooting at browser level

If the problem is only one browser, switch browsers to another browser. Clear the cache and cookies. If cookies and cache files are corrupted, the website affected will be affected. YouTube has the potential to do this. Clearing your browser’s cookies and cache is a smart idea. The browser can be improved. If your browser is still running an older version, you might consider updating it to the latest version.

Youtube History

YouTube was created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They were all early employees of PayPal and became wealthy after eBay bought the company. This claim has been repeated in media reports that Chad and Steve developed the idea of YouTube after they had various difficulties sharing videos they had recorded at Chen’s San Francisco residence. Karim stated that YouTube was born out of the controversy surrounding Justin Timberlake’s momentary showing of Janet Jackson’s breasts at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime.


Type of business Subsidiary
Type of site Online video platform
Founded February 14, 2005
Headquarters 901 Cherry Avenue

San Bruno, California, United States

Serves the following areas Worldwide (except those countries blocked by the United Nations)
Owner Alphabet, Inc.
Founders Chad Hurley

Steve Chen

Jawed Karim

Key people Susan Wojcicki,CEO

Chad Hurley (advisor)

Industry Internet

Video hosting

Products YouTube Premium

YouTube Music

YouTube TV

YouTube Kids

Revenue US$28.8 Billon (2021)
Parent Google LLC (2006–present)
Advertising Google AdSense
Users 1.2.6 Billion (January 2021).

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