Yeh Hai Chahatein November 14, 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu Manipulates Preesha

Digvijay Calls Pihu and asks her if she has been getting able for her marriage ceremony. Pihu proclaims she’s in court docket. Digvijay advises Pihu to make sure that Preesha is not in court docket; differently, she may not permit the marriage to occur. Pihu advises her to not concern, as she recollects puncturing her tyres. She claims Preesha is not going to make it to court docket, and despite the fact that she does, her arrival will happen when the marriage has ended. Digvijay says she carried out extraordinarily neatly and disconnects the to make a telephone. Then he leaves the court docket in conjunction with Rudra. Preesha’s car breaks down mid-way and driving force guarantees to take her to an taxi. Preesha appears to be like for assist from different cars and hopes to get a cab.

Saransh takes a cab off and informs her that he feels she wanted assist and took her to a cab. He remembers Roohi weeping and reminding Saransh mamma does not anything to forestall Pihu and Papa’s marriage ceremony. Saransh used to be observing Pihus his insults. Saransh claims that mamma is doing her best possible to impede the marriage however has long past to court docket to forestall the marriage. In flashback, Saransh will get Preesha into his cab , after which rushes her in opposition to the court docket.

Rudra in conjunction with Digvijay arrives at court docket. Officer requests main points of marriage ceremony couple. Preesha reaches court docket. Pihu is conscious about this and as a substitute of taking her to the toilet, he interrupts Preesha and verbally attacks her. Preesha insists that she will have to meet Rudra and inform him one thing. Pihu desires her to provide an explanation for her about it first. Preesha denies. Pihu is continuous to abuse verbally and blackmail Preesha and ultimately collapses. Preesha turns into anxious about her and takes a pulse. She is surprised to find that Pihu is anticipating. Pihu awakes and inquires about her location. Preesha assures her that she’s neatly and gives her water. Pihu is ingesting water. Preesha asks if she’s pregnant. Pihu inquires how she bear in mind that Preesha claims she’s a physician. Pihu says she and Rudra started to get intimate once they had been looking to get alongside after which she fell pregnant. announcing she used to be hesitant to inform Preesha that manner.

Preesha states that if she’s pregnant with Rudra’s kid and Rudra is in love with Pihu essentially the most, she may not intrude with the 2. Pihu is going away, smirking and thinks she did it intentionally as though she used to be subconscious to tell Preesha that she is pregnant Deficient Preesha is unaware that Vidyuth is the daddy of her child. Saransh involves Preesha and asks her about what came about. Preesha states that point misplaced does not ever go back. Rudra has modified his lifestyles and isn’t returning to the previous. Preesha is going again to her circle of relatives believing Preesha won’t ever go back. Attorneys take bride and groom to the pass judgement on.

Pass judgement on interrogates them, their witness Sharda, and Digvijay and requests them to switch garlands. Pihu puts a garland round Rudra’s neck. Rudra feels uneasy. Sharda desires him to tie a the garland round Pihu’s neck. Rudra is prepared to do it however hesitates to signal the sign up. His arms shake as he thinks of his marriage ceremony day with Preesha and his time with Preesha. Pihu requests Rudra to signal the sign up and asks if there may be any factor. Rudra is then reminded of Preesha as regards to Armaan and indicators the sign up.

Preesha returns house. Saransh is interested in why she did not meet with Rudra. Preesha states that she can not give him the explanation, and suggests she’s simply looking to persuade him that Rudra and Pihu’s marriage ceremony used to be inevitable. Saransh tells her to be truthful and discuss the what she stated as he witnessed her speaking to Pihu ahead of returning house and no longer speaking to Rudra. Preesha proclaims that it’s of no receive advantages now because the marriage ceremony would have came about inside the following couple of hours. Roohi can pay attention this and tells Saransh she’s advised her mommy that she did not do the rest. Preesha is attempting to convenience her. Roohi claims she has separated herself clear of the oldsters of her and set her her personal. Rudra is noticed coming into with Pihus and tells her that Pihu is Roohi’s mom from her time.

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