Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh and Pihu’s haldi ceremony

The episode begins when Sharda is looking at the decorations for the haldi celebration. Ruhi informs Saaransh of the arrangements that have been made and what’s his plan. Saaransh says that they have plans. He displays his chandelier, saying that they’ll make it fall onto Rudraksh as well as Preesha. He asks her what happens if anything happened them. He tells her to stay and be watching. Preesha comes downstairs. Armaan assures her the world is beautiful. Preesha is curious to Sharda to explain what’s the matter with this about. Sharda tells her that today is the Rudraksh’s Haldi ceremony, and that the latter does not need to be present.

Preesha questions Rudraksh whether he’s actually getting married. Rudraksh questions her about why she thinks he can’t marry her. Sharda informs Preesha that they don’t have the right to ask questions about Rudraksh. She claims that Preesha did exactly what she wanted to do, and Rudraksh is free to continue his life, and leave at the end of the tunnel.

Preesha congratulates Rudraksh. Pihu requests her not to take any action to disrupt the celebration. Preesha is taken upstairs by Armaan. After a while, Rudraksh sits on the stage. Sharda applies haldi on him. Ruhi says to Saaransh that the moment Preesha will not come down, the plan is destined to fail.

Preesha believes that destiny will would never allow her to stay with Rudraksh. Armaan says that they need to go to the basement to be the same as other people. She insists that they should not go there. He takes her away. She observes that the chandeliers are shaking. She finds out that the decorator plans to secure it. She yells Rudraksh Name to alert him, but due to the volume of music person was able to hear her. She rushes downstairs and rescues him from falling chandeliers over him. Flowers fall onto them. She asks him she is he okay. He smiles at her. He asks her whether she’s fine. He smiles at her.

Pihu is there, and she is shocked to see Rudraksh as well as Preesha in the same situation. She takes Preesha and then scolds her. Preesha informs her that she was able to save Rudraksh from the chandelier. Pihu claims that it’s a an actual chandelier made of flowers, not glass. Preesha claims she didn’t notice the difference.

Ruhi says to Preesha the fact that she is the look of haldi. Saaransh claims that it appears similar to Rudraksh and Preesha’s Haldi. Pihu is sarcastic and thanks Preesha. She warns her not to attempt to disrupt their haldi celebration. Preesha regrets coming down. She walks out of the room with Armaan.

Preesha is convinced that she shouldn’t have gone down the stairs. She says the heart breaks, but she is unable to take action. Children hear her. Ruhi says to Saaransh, that her strategy was successful. Saaransh remembers how the decorator told him to set up the floral chandeliers. He also remembers how Ruhi along with Ruhi informed Armaan that everyone is having a blast down the stairs. Ruhi says to Saaransh Preesha realized how much she loved Rudraksh but now, it’s Rudraksh turn. Saaransh informs him that he’s got a plan for this too.

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