Yeardley Love Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?

In May 2010, authorities were called to Charlottesville’s apartment. This was the start of a high-profile investigation into a murder. Yeardley, a student-athlete, was found unresponsive. Crime Junkie Podcast’s ‘MURDERED: Yeardley Love’ chronicles how the authorities were led to her on-again-off-again boyfriend and what happened in the aftermath. So, if you’re curious about the same, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Yeardley Love Die?

Yeardley love was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 27, 1987. The young woman was close to her mother, and her sister. She lost her father young. Yeardley played cross- and field hockey in high school at Notre Dame Preparatory School, Maryland. She later went on to the University of Virginia. She studied political science at the University of Virginia and also minored Spanish.

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Yeardley was living in an apartment at the time with two roommates. At around 2:15 AM on May 3, 2010, Caitlyn Whiteley, one of the roommates, returned home to find a hole in Yeardley’s bedroom door. She found Yeardley, 22, lying on her back on a pillow with a pool of blood. Caitlyn immediately dialed 911 and Yeardley was revived by the authorities. A large bruise was found on her right side, as well as more bruises and scrapes on her cheeks. There were also lacerations on her arms and legs.

Who Killed Yeardley’s Love?

Initial investigations revealed Yeardley and Caitlyn had been out on May 2, eating and drinking. They returned around 10 pm. Caitlyn was out again but Yeardley decided it was time to go to bed and called it a night. She was found dead hours later. Police discovered that Yeardley had just ended her relationship to George Huguely (a University of Virginia lacrosse player).


The couple had been together about two years. Their relationship was sometimes volatile. George was a trouble drinker at the time. Yeardley had a difficult relationship with friends, leading to their eventual breakup. George was also troubled by his anger. He once attacked Yeardley’s fellow teammate, and in February 2010 he pinned Yeardley down before others pulled him away.

George was also arrested in the past for reckless driving, possessing minor alcohol and resisting arrest. The police took George to the station for further questioning. George said that they had broken up, and had exchanged email addresses. Yeardley apologised to George in those emails. George, however, responded angrily insulting her and accusing him of having sex only to hurt him.

Authorities also discovered that George had been heavily drinking in the days leading to the incident. He explained going to Yeardley’s home sometime after 11 PM on May 2, 2010. George admitted that he kicked Yeardley’s door and had an altercation in which he violently shaken her head, hitting her head on the wall, and then kicking her out of her home. Then, George claimed that he left with Yeardley’s laptop that he later threw in a dumpster. George seemed shocked when Yeardley told him he was dead.

At George’s trial, the defense claimed that Yeardley might have died from insufficient blood flow to her brain, possibly due to alcohol and Adderall consumption. Experts for the prosecution claimed that Yeardley died from hemorhaging around her brain, which is a sign of blunt-force trauma. Furthermore, Yeardley’s blood was found under George’s fingernails, and scrapings from his hands indicated that he was at the crime scene.

Further testimony also highlighted George’s violent outbursts and his excessive drinking. A jury found George guilty in the murder of Yeardley and sentenced him to more than 20 years behind bars. Then, in May 2022, a wrongful death suit filed by Yeardley’s family ended with George being held liable for her death. He was then ordered to pay $15 Million in damages.

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