Will Hen Leave Station 118? Is Aisha Hinds Leaving 9-1-1?

The sixth season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1’ begins with Captain Robert “Bobby” Nash selecting an interim captain for Station 118. After considering multiple candidates, Bobby asks Henrietta “Hen” Wilson whether she will be up for it. The ambitious Hen accepts the position and leads the station when Bobby is away with his wife Athena Grant-Nash as they visit the latter’s parents. The added responsibility, however, alters the rhythm of Hen’s life for the worse. The second episode of season 6 shows Hen facing the dilemma of choosing between her life at the 118 or her dream to become a doctor. If you are alarmed about the possibility of Hen’s departure from 118, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS Ahead.

Will Hen Be the Last Station 118 Observer?

Bobby made Hen the interim Captain of Station 118. She was already preparing for her exams as a doctor. She feels overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and preparations needed to pass the exams. It is difficult for her to find the time to eat and sleep. Hen is unable to get the rest she needs and must balance her station duties with her exams. This affects the latter. The paramedic does not do well on the neurology exam which leads to her failure. She also nearly gets into an accident when she falls asleep while driving. Since Hen fails to pass the neurology exam, her professor asks her to repeat a year, which will only add to Hen’s responsibilities.

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Hen’s struggles are shared with Karen Wilson by Hen, who explains that she must choose between becoming a paramedic or a doctor. Hen sees through Karen how her struggle to balance both is affecting her family. “She [Hen] has to ask herself, ‘Am I going to try again? Are I going to continue with the department? Am I gonna make decisions that are better for me and my family, and me being present with them?’ These are big questions and big choices that she’s gonna have to make,” Aisha Hinds, who plays Hen, explains to EW.

Hinds said that Hen will decide whether to leave or stay at 118. “[…] she’s [Hen] going to be making some big decisions,” Hinds added. Hen has worked hard to become a doctor, and she may have to give up on her dream. Paramedic Hen has always aimed to become a doctor and may consider leaving Station 118 if she is able to fulfill her dream. Hen might have felt the need to leave the station when she was enrolled in her studies.

Having said that, 118 is Hen’s family, and deciding to leave her family behind will not be easy at all for Hen. We have seen how much she struggles when Howard “Howie”/”Chimney” Han leaves the station temporarily. Such a person may not be able to rush into a decision that will keep her away from Chimney and the rest of the 118 firefighters/paramedics. Bobby may do his best to prevent Hen from leaving, even if that means lessening her responsibilities, given the importance of Hen.

Aisha Hinds leaving 9-1-1

As of now, neither FOX nor Aisha Hinds announced the departure of the actress from ‘9-1-1.’ In the same EW interview, Hinds revealed that the sixth season will dive into “Hen’s true character,” indicating that we will see more of the character. Hen could take time to decide her future. The same storyline may be part of her season 6 storyline, rather than finishing her story arc. Even if Hen chooses to leave 118, Hinds may continue featuring in the show and Hen may remain a part of the show’s narrative like Edmundo “Eddie” Díaz’s storyline in the fifth season.

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Hen’s current predicament could be a narrative development meant to show her resilience, ambition and courage as she faces one of the most difficult periods of her life. In the upcoming episodes of season 6, we may see Hen trying to balance her studies and paramedic duties, even if it means giving up the position of 118’s interim captain. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Aisha Hinds most likely will remain a part of the cast of ‘9-1-1.’

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