Why Was Chris Matthews Fired From Hardball Show?

Chris Matthews is one of America’s top TV personalities who is popularly known for the television talk show Hardball with Chris Matthews. Hardball is a talk show on television that discusses various political issues and current political situations. It also hosts many well-known and prominent political figures and celebrities, who share their views on current political situations.

Chris Matthews, the show’s face for 26 years, made an announcement on his show about his retirement. He announced that he was ending his Hardball career and said this was his last show. Here is the big question. Is it a simple retirement or was he fired? We will be discussing the circumstances and reasons Chris Matthews announced his retirement in this article.

Laura Bassett, Journalist, Makes Allegations

Laura Bassett, a political journalist and journalist, made accusations against Chris Matthews before he announced his sudden retirement. In an interview she said that Chris Matthews had been flirting with her in an inappropriate manner when she was invited on the show in 2016 to talk about Donald Trump.

Laura Bassett

She mentioned that right before the show began, while she was in her makeup room putting up her makeup, Chris came in there and looked at her and commented, “Why haven’t you fallen in love with you yet?” she further said that Mathew kept saying the makeup artist “keep putting makeup on her so that she would look more beautiful and I could fall in love with her.” While giving this interview, she recalled another similar incident with Chris Matthews: he complimented her red dress and said to the makeup artist, “make sure to wipe this makeup off her face after the show. We don’t make her up so a guy at a bar can look at her like this.”

Laura mentioned in the interview that she was shocked, by Chris’s unprofessional behavior, like how a man can behave inappropriately with a woman and the people around him just kept quiet, they didn’t even try to stop him.

Mathew was also accused of inappropriate behavior with others. Chris Matthews was allegedly making inappropriate comments and jokes about Chris Matthews in front of others a few years ago. Chris Matthews was convicted after the company conducted an investigation.

The list of Matthews’s allegations goes on and on, some stating he often made sexist remarks and inappropriate comments and was involved in lots of verbal abuse. Some hosts even made it clear that they don’t want to be in the same room with Chris Matthews or want to do makeup if Chris is around them.

Public Comments and Apologies

Chris made some public comments which, while he may not have been truthful, infuriated the audience. Like his comment on Bernie Sanders, where he compared his win in the election to the Nazi’s invasion of France, a comment which was not liked by the public as Bernie Sanders himself is a Jew who has lost his family members during World War 2. Chris Mathews finally admitted his error and publicly apologized.

Chris Matthews was fired or retired

Despite all the accusations against Chris, it is clear that he was very committed to his role as Hardball’s leading host. Chris was diagnosed in 2019 with prostate cancer. He only took two weeks off to recuperate and then returned to work. This is an excellent example of Chris’ dedication to his job.

Chris Matthews From Hardball Show

Chris Matthews from Hardball Show

Chris is now officially retired, regardless of what might have happened in his long career at Hardball. Chris’s timing to retire from Hardball just after the allegations against his were made public is something that makes one wonder if he was actually fired or retired. Chris announced his retirement and also apologized to the camera for making inappropriate comments and inappropriate behavior.

Hardball workers claimed that Chris Matthews was asked by the management to step down and become a retiree. Others claim that he was fired, but when he looked at his contributions to the show and its success, the authority asked him if he wanted to retire. The truth of the matter could be anything and we may never know the whole story. Whatever the truth, Chris may have left the long-running talk show on TV.

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