Why Is Ugliest Kpop Idols Trending?

Kpop’s popularity is increasing with every passing day. The industry is highly competitive and requires a lot perseverance and effort to get a foothold. Before they make their debut, idols are trained by their agencies. Before a group debuts, they are trained in overall grooming. This can go on for years.

Trainees must adhere to a strict schedule. They have to get up at the crack of dawn and practice for between 14-16 hours per day. The entertainment industry places a lot of emphasis on looks. South Korea has a reputation for having high standards in beauty, so idols must adhere to them. Some even suggested that idols, especially females have to weigh themselves at night. Every body is different and therefore not everyone can look the exact same. Many times, people have reacted negatively to not fitting in with the beauty standards.

However, it needs to mention that it’s all about perception and not all believe in such standards. Some people believe that they are in some way responsible for their idols. This leads to comments like this. This is dangerous. 

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Why is Ugliest Kpop Music Idols in Trend?

This trend isn’t new. Again idols have been criticized despite any changes to their body. Trolls often target idols due to their looks. Since his debut, RMofBTS has been the subject of hate comments. To protect his eyes, he used glasses. The eyes are without doubt his most striking feature. He has been trolled numerous times for his looks. BTS’ J-Hope also received hateful comments about his visuals. We couldn’t agree more. He is not only beautiful, but also the BTS dance leader. Radiating happiness is his thing, that’s why he is known as the sunshine. 


Hwasa from Mamamoo also faced such situations as she doesn’t fit into the standard beauty that people expect from Kpop idols. That didn’t stop Hwasa from creating her impeccable stage presence. She is a natural performer on the stage. Her dressing sense has been criticised. Our queen is a master of her craft. She is unapologetically herself, and since the trolls don’t like her, all we can say is it’s their loss. Umji was also criticised for her unusual facial structure and inability to fit in standard body types. Blackpink’s Lisa was also hated for these absurd reasons. It is hard to call someone as sweet and charming as Lisa ugly. We love her. She is a talented performer. These are just a handful of names from the many others who were victims to these malicious trolls. 

The idols and others who are subject to such cruel comments have surely more to offer than the common concept of beauty that their fans have created. South Korea has high suicide rates. In the past, idols also died from suicide after being subject to cyberbullying. They were made fun of for their looks and how they dressed. 



These comments are unacceptable and can lead to a decline in mental health. Just because they are public figures that don’t mean it’s okay to bash them for such irrelevant matters and something they don’t even have control over. Beauty isn’t just about physical appearance. It also has to do with an individual’s personality. Each person can have their own preference. However, that doesn’t mean one can demean the other just because they don’t fit into their thoughts of beauty. Each person is unique and beautiful. 

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