Why Does Knuckles Kidnap Lisa in Last Seen Alive, Explained

Directed by Brian Goodman, ‘Last Seen Alive’ is an action thriller film that revolves around the disappearance of Lisa Spann (Jaimie Alexander). Will (Gerard Butler), is going through a tough time in Lisa’s relationship with him. The couple experience a turbulent period after Lisa cheats on Will. However, as Will drives Lisa to her parent’s house, she is abducted. Will begins to look for Lisa throughout the story. Therefore, viewers must be wondering about the reason behind Lisa’s abduction. If you are looking for answers in those regards, here is everything you need to know about the motivations behind Lisa’s kidnapping in ‘Last Seen Alive.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Knuckles Kidnap Lisa:

In ‘Last Seen Alive,’ Will’s wife, Lisa, is kidnapped by a mysterious person. Will is driving Lisa to her parents’ house. But, they are forced to stop at the fuel station. Will refills the car with fuel while Lisa goes to the store. Will becomes concerned when Lisa does not return and refuses to fuel the car. Will eventually realizes Lisa is gone and informs the authorities. The police arrive and start an investigation. Will conducts his own investigation to obtain the CCTV footage of this store.

Will captures Lisa speaking to a mysterious man. However, an incoming camera blocks Lisa’s view, and she goes missing. To identify the man, Will shows the footage to Lisa’s mother and father. The man is identified as Knuckles by Lisa’s former classmate. Knuckles did not graduate from college and had difficulty finding a steady job. As a result, he does odd jobs for everyone in the town, including Lisa’s family. Will heads to Knuckles’ family and finds him preparing to flee from the town. Will beats up Knuckles and asks him about Lisa’s disappearance.

Knuckles revealed that Frank is a well-known drug lord and has kidnapped Lisa. Frank runs a drug operation from a private estate and takes Knuckles’ help to kidnap Lisa. However, in the film’s climax, viewers learn that Knuckles is actually the mastermind of the kidnapping. Knuckles suggested Frank’s kidnapping. Will follows Frank to find Lisa. After realizing that Lisa was likely dead, Will experiences a shock. Nonetheless, Will discovers that Lisa is being kept hostage on Frank’s estate. Meanwhile, the police find Knuckles inside Will’s car and question him about Lisa’s abduction.

In the end, Knuckles reveals the reason behind Lisa’s kidnapping. Knuckles explained that he does odd jobs and has very little income. He is also struggling to pay his rent and a costly drug addiction. While working an odd job for Lisa’s family, Knuckles learns that Lisa is coming back to the town. Knuckles learns that Lisa is married a wealthy real estate agent, Will. Knuckles formulates a plan for Lisa to be used and make money. Knuckles suggests that Frank abduct Lisa and take her hostage. Knuckles uses Lisa to blackmail Will and demands a large ransom.

Ultimately, ‘Last Seen Alive’ is the story of Lisa’s abduction. The motivations behind the kidnapping remain a mystery until the film’s final act. Initially, viewers are led to believe that there is a personal motivation behind Lisa’s kidnapping. The police also suspect Will of having a hand in Lisa’s mysterious disappearance. The real motive behind Lisa’s disappearance is human and flawed. Knuckles is not the real culprit. He is simply after money. Therefore, the thriller gives the kidnapping plot a very human touch and showcases the flaws in Knuckles, the movie’s primary antagonist.

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