Why Did Paige Leave WWE? The Real Reason Revealed

Let’s find out! Paige Left WWE Paige, formerly Saraya-Jade Bevis, is still a popular performer in the WWE. For years, she suffered with a neck condition until she was forced to retire in 2018, Paige’s WWE career appeared to be ended at the ripe age of 26—even before she had fully realized her potential within the organization.

However, there have been online hints that a “Paige WWE return” may be imminent since WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his stunning comeback from injuries. Fans are asking, “Why did Paige retire from WWE?” We will let you know soon. Paige provided some details about her impending exit from WWE via her Twitch stream shortly after her initial announcement on Twitter. Given that it wasn’t a joint choice, Paige said the circumstances surrounding her upcoming leave of absence are rather complicated for her. Here’s what you need to know. Paige Left WWE

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Paige Left WWE

Paige, who online goes by the name Saraya Bevis, wanted to make it plain that she didn’t want to leave the WWE, despite some fans’ speculation to the contrary in her previous message that she was being driven out. Fans may also comprehend why things are developing in this way, given that Paige’s neck injury from 2016 is to blame. Paige withdrew in-ring competition in 2018 due to a neck injury. Over the years, she has served the organization in many other capacities. Furthermore, it’s fair to say that she hasn’t been used to her full potential very much over the previous two years, which is probably a big part of the WWE’s decision.


Paige would still be on the roster even if she had received medical clearance to return to the WWE. But that action seems to be pending. The superstar highlighted that she doesn’t think a non-competition provision will prevent her from signing on elsewhere and that she believes she’s fit enough to fight if given a chance, despite doctors’ apparent lack of optimism about Paige returning to in-ring activity. She said, “Yes, I believe that I can compete again.” 1000%

Paige continues to be one of the WWE’s most well-liked female superstars despite being absent. I’m sure the WWE or other companies will seize the chance to bring her back to TV if she does receive a doctor’s okay to undergo a fresh physically. Many WWE stars have had career-ending neck injuries. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge are two examples. But, they both competed in a match in 2022 for the company.


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Paige: Who are you?

Paige, who is also known as Saraya-Jade Bevis is a former WWE superstar. When she was still an in-ring fighter, Paige became the youngest WWE Divas Champion. The former English professional wrestler is the first NXT Women’s Champion and a two-time Divas Champion.

Bevis is the only female superstar to simultaneously hold the Divas and NXT Women’s Championships while competing under the NXT brand. She held the NXT Women’s Championship for a total of 301 days. Following a neck injury sustained at a WWE houseshow in 2017, the former Divas Champion announced her retirement from ringside action.

Paige WWE
The previous NXT Women’s Champion is renowned for her Twitch live streams. Twitch banned the former SmackDown General Manager in May 2021 due to her involvement in Dumb and Dumber. When Asuka was not in the ring, the former Divas Champion managed Kabuki Warriors, which was a tag team that included Kairi Sane and Asuka. Asuka would spray the green mist when the pair turned their backs upon their former manager. 

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What is Paige currently doing?

This week marked Paige’s AEW debut, just a few months after she left WWE when her contract with the company expired. The injury that caused him to miss the December 2017 WWE Superstar match has prevented Paige from competing. In April 2017, he had to retire. After making her AEW debut, fans thought Saraya had been given the all-clear to compete once more, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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