Why Did Lucas Black Leave NCIS? Reasons Explained

Let us discover! Why did Lucas Black quit NCIS? One of CBS’ most popular franchises of all time is the NCIS series. NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawai’i, which just crossed over with NCIS, will each receive a Season 14 Season 2 while the main series was recently renewed for Season 20. The spinoff, which was led by Scott Bakula (who has since joined NBC’s Quantum Leap remake), and starred Lucas Black as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, was NCIS: New Orleans, which ended in 2021 to the dismay of fans.

NCIS: New Orleans viewers loved LaSalle, and he was there for almost the entire show’s run. In Season 6, however, the character abruptly left in the middle one of the most touching plotlines of the show, shocking viewers. LaSalle fans remain unhappy about what happened to their character. Why did Lucas Black leave NCIS??

Who is Lucas Black?

American actor Lucas Black, aka Lucas York Black, has been involved in film and television. He is well-known for his performances as Caleb Temple in the CBS television drama “American Gothic” and as Special Agent Christopher Lasalle in the  “NCIS: New show  Orleans” both on the network.  His work in American entertainment has earned him many awards and prizes.

Lucas Black In NCIS

For his work in “Sling Blade,” he received the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films’ “Best Performance by a Younger Actor” award. Black has received many nominations for Screen Actors Guild, Teen Choice Awards and other awards. His outstanding acting skills will ensure that Black wins more awards in the future.

Why Did Lucas Black quit NCIS?

NCIS: New Orleans had some character departures during the season. It was just like any procedural. Jennifer Esposito left NCIS after just one season, and Julian McMahon recently left Dick Wolf’s FBI: Most Wanted after 2.5 seasons. While many were upset that LaSalle was killed off in NCIS: New Orleans, some even hoped it was one of Pride’s nightmares, the reason Lucas Black left was the same as the reason McMahon left the FBI franchise.

Black defended his decision to end the series in an interview with the UK’s Express. “Because I learnt how the entertainment industry was affecting families, I was tensed throughout my entire working career”, he claimed. He stated that he worked an average of 70 hours per week during the three first seasons of NCIS: New Orleans. Fans can’t fault Lucas Black for leaving NCIS New Orleans to spend more time at home with his family. This is the solution. Why Did Lucas Black quit NCIS?

Why Did Lucas Black Leave NCIS 1

NCIS: New Orleans’ Christopher LaSalle: Who Is He?

Christopher LaSalle played an important role in NCIS: New Orleans since the very beginning. LaSalle was already Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Pride’s right-hand man when the series premiered. The two of them worked as hard as the agents on their parent show  did, along with the rest of their squad. LaSalle’s Southern accent, love for the Alabama Crimson Tide and long list of personal issues were three of his distinguishing features.

His high school love, Savanna, was his relationship, but he fell in love with her in Season 1. It wasn’t shocking when LaSalle believed he fathered a child in Season 3 because he began having multiple affairs with women. This was not true. His father was also a problem in his parenting. He and LaSalle had a close relationship. LaSalle appeared to have his final season together.

NCIS: New Orleans

In Season 6, he was seen at church with Dr. Loretta Wade and expressed an interest in doing more good in the universe. This happiness should have alerted the audience. LaSalle was wounded while looking into his brother’s murder by a narcotics gang in Alabama in Season 6, Episode 6, “Matthew 5:9.” After being brought to the hospital, he eventually passed away from his injuries as his team colleagues stood by. LaSalle was honored with a wake at Pride’s bar, but fans of NCIS: New Orleans never forgot him.

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