Why Did Judge Faith Leave Divorce Court? Will Court Be In Session Again for her?

Seems like Judge Jenkins’ case has been dismissed. Faith Jenkins Lattimore, popularly known for her appearance on shows like “Judge Faith” and “Divorce court,” is a Louisiana-born Political Science graduate. She had recently announced that she wouldn’t be continuing as a Judge in the most watched Daytime court show, “Divorce Court.”

Judge Faith was the third Judge in this longest-running court series. Divorce court aired its first episode in 1957. But, the version we now know was made in 1999. Mablean Ephriam was the first judge. His contract ended in 2006.

Lynn Toler was Judge Mablean’s Successor. From 2006 to 2020, she was the Judge’s Successor for nearly 14 years. Lynn Toler decided to quit the show at the end of 2020. Her image for the show was very different from that of Fox Studios. She didn’t harbor any bitter feelings, and chose to go another route.

The Studio was a completely new design and did not look like a courtroom. It was Modern and featured screens which would allow top viewers of the show to participate as audience members. Judge Faith was delighted to join the show as a judge, succeeding Lynn Toler and Mablean Ephiam.

Judge Faith with her Husband Kenny.

Lynn Toler had expressed great expectations Judge Faith assists in resolving conflict between couples. The Judge should be direct and wise. She must also have the ability to make people think through legal advice. Jenkins had plenty of experience so she was well-suited for the role. No one would’ve expected her to leave after 2 years.

Judge Faith: The Story Behind Courtrooms

Faith Jenkins is 44 and an American attorney. As a Legal Assistant, her first job was in the legal field. litigator.

Her first television show was in 2014 She had her show in 2014. September 22, 2014. The first episode of Judge Faith aired with Faith Jenkins playing the main judge and Scott Taylor acting as the narrator. Faith Jenkins was then invited to join Divorce Court as a judge.

Being in Divorce Court had been Faith’s dream, and to be the Judge was an opportunity she couldn’t miss. The judge that dealt with the divorcing couple was now kinder and more knowledgeable. Be realistic and think strategically. Judge Faith’s way of providing suitable advice was refreshing and knowledgeable.

Faith Jenkins wed Kenny Lattimore on March 2020, shortly before the quarantine was implemented.

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Why did Judge Faith Jenkins decide to leave?

Judge Faith enjoyed being part of the show for 2 years, but she had to say good-bye after 2022. It could be that her contract had ended, or she didn’t want to continue doing the same show. We know that Jenkins’s decision to leave the show was not on bad terms.

Although she may not return to this format for a while, she still advises on life, podcasts, Talk Shows, and interviews. She was also the Judge in a few high-profile matters.

Most of the fans speculate that her newer projects could be why Faith has come out with a New book titled “Sis, Don’t Settle.” She also tweeted a post confirming her role as a producer in the Upcoming Show “Killer Relationship.” With her marriage and many projects at once, she decided to shift her focus. Faith Jenkins recently revealed that she was also a blogger. ExpectingThis could have contributed to her decision.

Court of Divorce:

The Lincolnwood Production Show will host Judge Faith. Star Jones, The premiere of the New Season of Divorce Court was September 2022. Judge Jones had also previously been involved in a similar show in the 1990s, “Jones & Jury.” This will be her return to the genre after a long gap.

To see how Divorce Court will now be in session, you can head over to the Show’s YouTube Channel, Hulu, Plex, Or Fox. Judge Faith can be rescheduled for her new Crime series on Oxygen by setting a reminder in your calendar. 

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