Why Did Griffith Turn Evil in the Berserk Series?

Griffith is a Berserk villain who began as a hero but turned into an evil man. We will discuss why Griffith became a bad guy and the other reasons he was the best leader of his Band. He was the leader of Band of the Falcon, or the Band of Hawk. Griffith, a respected man, was the commander of the Midland Regular Army. His Band was one of the most powerful and fearsome in the Kingdom, having seen many battles. Griffith saved many people in his country and earned the “Falcon of Light.”

He was a good man from the beginning of the Berserk series, and helped his crew win many wars. Griffith and his mercenaries’ goal was to end Hundred-Year War and restore peace to the Kingdom. But things were tough for them to achieve their goals since many kingdoms were against their ideas until he met with Guts, who completely changed Griffith’s life. His Band was strengthened and gained a worldwide reputation. Griffith now has his own view and goals, which he had been hiding from his Band.

His Band saved him after he shared a bed with Princess Charlotte. He was then imprisoned for over a year. His Band saved him and Griffith continued with his life, leading his Band to many wars and knowing that he will eventually achieve his goal. We will look at Griffith’s past, the things that made him b become an evil man, which led to the crew’s disbanding, and the battle he had with Guts at the end of the series. 

Why did Griffith turn evil?

Griffith was a loyal man, who never betrayed his Band. However, he never spoke out about his desire to establish his own Kingdom. Griffith was an evil man because he wanted to be the ruler of the new Kingdom. He revealed his true colors to the Band and ended up getting divorced. Griffith first appears in the “Golden Age” arc, and money also turns him into an evil man because he kills to earn more money, which is not enough for him, and the new Kingdom that he dreamed of will earn him a lot of money and fame. The Band of the Hawk members were different from Griffith, as their goal was peace.


Griffith, on the other hand, was a complete opposite and would spend a lot of money to get his hands on lots of gold coins. Griffith continued with Lawful Evil, hiding his true nature and manipulating his Band members. Griffith knew that this would allow him to deceive his Band members easily. His Band would have been disbanded if Griffith had revealed his true nature to them at the beginning. Guts is forced to leave, and Griffith realizes he can’t be stopped and reveals his true nature. He seduced Princess Grace and had a sexual relationship with her. 

Griffith’s heart begins filled with darkness; fame, money, and power turn him into evil, and he wishes he had his own Kingdom. He continued to use his evil ways to reach his goals, even though the Band saved him. After spending a year in prison, Griffith began a new war where he revealed a fifth Eclipse, and God’s Hand emerged. He tells the Band of Hawk members that they should all be part of the Hand of God. Griffith’s desire to rule also turned him into an evil man. 

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Griffith vs. Guts

Guts return after many years and learn about Griffith’s schemes. He decided to save his beloved and the Band of Hawk members. Griffith and Guts engaged in a heated battle. Griffith was fighting with a worthy opponent the second time. However, due to Griffith’s new awakening powers, Guts had no match, and all Guts could do was protect his crew. Griffiths also sold lots of monsters, and Guts couldn’t stop him. The battle progresses and Band of Hawk members start to fight on the same levels as Griffith. 

Griffth vs Guts

Griffith vs. Guts

The battle was too long and Guts proved that he wasn’t rusted by landing a huge blow. Griffith was in an advantage as he had superhuman powers that allowed him to disappear or teleport anywhere. Griffith nearly killed everyone, and Griffith was in the final moments of his life. But Guts managed to escape along with the Band of Hawk members. This ended the war, and the new era begins. But he died and was reborn into a new being that had changed the world. 

Who is Griffith? 

Griffith is a calm, well-mannered man who likes to dress up as nobility. Everyone can recognize Griffith’s presence and his amazing heritage. Griffinths was a child with dreams and he always wanted to create his Kingdom. He is also a hardworking warrior who longs to have peace and live the life that he dreams. Griffith grew up in a family where they couldn’t afford to buy a slice of bread, and this motivated him to work for money and achieve the wealth he wanted. Griffth, a teenage leader in the Band of Hawk, was highly regarded. 

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