Who Is Tom Selleck Married To, Who Is Tom Selleck?

Who is Tom Selleck, you ask? 

Tom Selleck is an actor, screenwriter and producer from America.  His role as Thomas Magnum, a private detective, earned him a lot of popularity. In 1985, he received five Emmy Award nominations as Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series. He has been the New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan’s co-star since 2010. Blue Bloods is a series. In 2005, in the beginning, he played the role of small-town police chief Jesse Stone in nine television films,  which were based on the Robert B. Parker novels. 

Who is Tom Selleck married?

Tom Selleck married Jacqueline Ray from 1971 to 1982. During that time, he adopted her son, Kevin Shepard who is a  former drummer for the American rock band, Tonic. Jillie Joan Mack was later married to Tom on 7 August 1987.  They had one daughter, Hannah. Hannah was born on the 16th of December 1988. His family lives in Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village, California, where they have a 60-acre (24-ha) avocado ranch in Hidden Valley. 

Jacqueline Ray (m.1971-1982)

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Who is Tom Selleck married to Now?

Jillie Mack is Tom Selleck’s wife at the moment. Jillie Mack is a British actress and is the wife of actor Tom Selleck. She is most well-known for her roles in Silverfox, Frasier and Magnum P.I., as well as other TV series and movies. She had been the wife of Tom for more than 30 years. She has appeared many times on Red Carpet with Tom. Since 2002, she has kept her distance from the media. 

Jillie Mack (m.1987)


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Tom’s Net Worth and Career 

Tom has a net worth in excess of 45 million US dollars. In 1965, Tom Selleck was a college senior on The Dating Game. He was featured in many commercials for Pepsi-Cola products. He was also featured in a Safeguard soap commercial. He appeared in the 1972 movie Daughters of Satan. He played the role of Lance White, a private investigator, in The Rockford Files. Selleck portrayed a cat burglar in 1930s London in Lassiter. In 1990, he played the role of a 19th-century American sharpshooter at the Australian Western Quigley Down Under. 

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