Who Is The Top 1 Global Fanny, Know The Top 1 Global Fanny In MLBB

Who is the Top 1 Global Fanny in the World?

Recently the game MLBB is trending on the internet and many are playing this game and it became viral very  soon. Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance, created and released ML or MLBB, also called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is a mobile multiplayer online battle-area game. These questions, including Who Is King Of Fanny MLBB and Who Is God Of Fanny MLBB are the most popular and searched online. To join the conversation, Who Is 1 Global Fanny is the most sought-after and in demand question. 

Fanny is Tigreal’s youngest sister and youngest daughter. Despite the fact the Wertz family had protected the Moniyan Empire over generations, the family did not allow women to enlist. The family believed it was their duty to protect the nation and their loved ones, while women should refrain from engaging in armed conflict. Top 1 Global Fanny is still a mystery and we will update it once we  get to know.

Who is Fanny in MLBB?

Fanny is renowned for being one the most skilled but difficult heroes to play in the game. She has the unique Steel Cable.png second skill, which allows her unrivalled mobility but requires great skill to pull off. Her damage is extremely lethal even in the early stages of the game due to her combination of Tornado Strike.png and Steel Cable.png as well as her passive, Air Superiority.png. Fanny is often used as a jungler. She uses the blue boost to spam her enemies before she uses her ultimate, Cut Throat.png to eliminate them. Fanny is a hero who must endure because of her high technical knowledge, keen sense for direction and quick hands. She is more likely to be a burden rather than a force to reckon with.

MLBB Gameplay

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a multiplayer online battle game, was made specifically for mobile devices. The game is free to play, but you must make in-game purchase for skins or characters. Each player can choose a Hero character who has unique skills and characteristics. Six roles—”Tank,” “Marksman,” “Assassin,” “Fighter,” “Mage,” and “Support”—define the primary functions of heroes. These roles determine the tasks of players for their team members. You can create unique settings for heroes using in-game emblems and materials.

Fanny in MLBB: What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks?


  • Fanny is one game’s most mobile and sneakiest heroes.

  • High early-game damage output.

  • A quick farmer with the first skill Tornado Straike.png (spell retribution.png required).

  • Fantastic snowballer.

  • One of the most dangerous assassins in the early and midgame.


  • In order to start working, she depends on the purple bump activating.

  • Steel Cable.png can be used as a second skill and is dependent upon walls.

  • Energy usage without Purple Buff.png is costly and yields little benefit. Pink Buff (spell retribution.png) Retribution required

  • Talented and difficult to control.

  • In the latter stages of a game, you can fall off.

  • Extremely difficult for a slow-hand user.

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