Who Is The New Black Guy In Eastenders, Who Plays The Role Of Avery Baker?

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Eastenders is a British television series created by  Julia Smith and Tony Holland. It has been broadcast on BBC since 1985. The opera is set in Walford, a fictional borough in London’s East End. It follows the lives of residents and their families through their day. The show was rated the highest in Britain within eight months of its initial launch. EastEnders is a key figure in British TV drama’s history. It tackles controversial or taboo subjects in British culture and portrays a social life that was not seen on UK main stream television.

Who is the New Black Guy in Eastenders

The black guy’s name in the series Eastenders is Avery Baker, The role of Avery Baker is played by a British musician Omar Lye-Fook who turned out to be an actor. Avery Baker, a member the Baker family and brother to Mitch, is featured in this series. He is always on the verge of causing trouble, he couldn’t be more different from Mitch, and his arrival in Walford will ’cause heads to turn’. Avery will be bound by his two sons, better known as ‘firecrackers’ Felix Baker (Matthew James Morrison) and Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam).

Who plays the role Of Avery Baker

Omar Lyefook from the UK plays the role of Avery Baker. Omar Lyefook is also an actor. He has a long list of songs and collaborations. He was born October 14, 1968. He is known professionally as Omar. His debut song, “There is nothing like this,” received much attention.  UK Singles were released on a chart in 1991, and Omar’s debut song held 14th place. Omar is also a father to two beautiful twin daughters.

Omar Lye-Fook Age

Age is a factor that mentions one’s youth and maturity; you might wonder what is Omar’s age as well. Omar may have appeared in younger versions, but the truth is that Omar’s age changes with time. You might wonder what Omar’s age is, or you might have predicted the age of Omar. But let’s see if your prediction goes wed ll with Omar’s age as of 2022. Omar is 52 as of 2022. We will update more factful insights about Omar when we are informed.

Omar Lye-Fook Biography

Details Specification
Name Omar Lye Fook
Date of birth October 14, 1968
Age 52
Occupation Actor, Musician

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