Who Is Scott Galloway Wife? Who Is Scott Galloway?

Scott Galloway: Who Are You?

 Scott Galloway, a popular personality, was born on 1964. He is an American citizen. Scott Galloway is a well-known author, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. Scott received his education at the University of California as well as at the University of California. In addition to his profession, he was also on the board for Eddie Bauer. He also served as a director of Gateway Computer, The New York Times Company, and Urban Outfitters. Scott Galloway has also written several books, including Galloway Scott (2019), The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on Success, Love and Meaning; The Four, The Hidden DNA of Amazon and Apple, Facebook and many others. 

Who is Scott Galloway’s wife?

Scott Galloway is married. It’s possible to say that they were almost married after their 10 year happy marriage. However, they remain together and continue to live their happy marriage life in wealth, health, strength, and happiness. It is possible that his wife is Anne Galloway. However, it is not clear. Galloway didn’t make it so public or expose his private and personal life publicly. Galloway did not reveal his wife, his birth date, nor his profession. He even didn’t reveal it in any of his photos. Also, he doesn’t mention the following details on his social networks. 

Scott Galloway Biography 

Specifications  Details 
Name  Scott Galloway
Date of birth  3rd November,1964
Age  56
Place of Birth  United States 
Height  6’3”
Weight  76kgs 
Profession  author, speaker, podcast host, businessperson, entrepreneur, professor
Net Worth  $40 Million
Source of Income  Profession 


Is Scott Galloway married?

 He is married. But he doesn’t reveal his wife or birth date. Scott Galloway married and they were close to finishing their ten year happy marriage. 

Scott Galloway Age

Scott Galloway was a famous author and speaker, podcast host, businessperson and entrepreneur. He was born on 3rd Nov 1964. He is an American citizen. Scott Galloway is 56, according to the latest update. 

Scott Galloway Net worth

The general public and the audience are often curious about celebrities’ fitness habits, their diets, lifestyles, etc. According to the most recent update, Scott Galloway has a net worth of around $40 million. His source of income is his profession.  


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