Who Is Joanna Lumley Married To? Joanna Lumleys Husband, Children, Age And Net Worth

Who is Joanna Lumley

Born in British, India on May 1, 1946, Joanna Lamond Lumley is now Dame Joanna Lamond Lumley. She is an English actress and presenter, former model, author as well as a television producer and activist. Her performance as Patsy in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992-122) won her two BAFTA TV Awards. Joanna Lumley’s Broadway revival of La Bete earned Joanna Lumley a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in 2011, a special recognition Award from 2013 National Television Awards, as well as a BAFTA Fellowship. 

Who is Joanna Lumley Married To?

Joanna Lumley was married to Stephen Barlow on September 26, 1986. Joanna Lumley’s married life is a brief one. It says that Joanna was first married to Jeremy Lloyd in 1970. However, it led to a no fault divorce after a few months. Joanna Lumley was married to Stephen Barlow in 1986. They now live together in London.

Source: Pinterest (Second husband – Stephen Barlow)


Source: Pinterest (first husband – Jeremy Lloyd).

Who is Joanna Lumley’s Husband?

Joanna Lumley married Jeremy Lloyd in 1970. Lloyd was an English screenwriter, screenwriter, author and poet. He was one of the successful co-writers at British sitcoms, which includes ‘Are you being served?’ And ‘Allo Allo!’. And got a no-fault divorce after few months of their marriage, they din’t live long together. Joanna Lumley was then married to Stephen Barlow in 1986. Stephen Barlow is a Conductor and musician (organ student at Cambridge University). He was the Buxton Festival’s Artistic director from 2012 to 2018. Stephen Barlow, Joanna Lumley, and their relationship has been in London for over 30 years.

Joanna Lumley Children

Joanna Lumley was married twice but she only had one child, Jamie Lumley, who she had when she turned 21. Joanna claims that Jamie is very dear to her, as she raised him as a single mom after she divorced her father Michael Claydon. Jamie Lumley has two teenage children of his own.

Joanna Lumley Age

Joanna Lumley, who was born 1 May 1946 in Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir. She is currently 76. Joanna is a mother and grandmother to Jamie Lumely’s two daughters.

Joanna Lumley Net Worth

Joanna Lumley, a British actress and presenter, is a former model, author. She is also a producer, TV producer, and activist. She is well-known for her role Patsy Stone, on the BBC sitcom ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Joanna Lumley’s net worth is $25 Million.

How Many Times has Joanna Lumley been married?

According to the internet, Joanna Lumley was married twice. In 1970, she married Jeremy Lloyd. After a few months of marriage, she received a no fault divorce. Joanna Lumley married Stephen Barlow on September 20, 1986. They have been married for approximately 30 years.

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