Who is Jenny of Oldstones? The GOT Legend Explained

Podrick Payne sang Jenny of Oldstones just before the Battle of Winterfell was set to begin. But who is Jenny of Oldstones, anyway? This question has been lingering for a long while in the minds of viewers. House of the Dragon now refers to all the past concepts we saw in GOT so fans are curious if we will also see Jenny.

Jenny of Oldstones is a song dedicated to her. She is the Westerosi symbol of young love. Sansa stark was a fan of her when she was a young Winterfell bird and wanted to marry him. We need to get to know her real identity in order for us all to comprehend.

Who is Jenny Oldstones?

Jenny, a poor woman, is believed to have been one of the forest children. Although there is no evidence to the contrary, it is possible. Duncan Targaryen, the heir to the Iron Throne, fell in love with her and went against her father’s wishes in order to marry her. We know that Targaryens are only allowed to marry within their own families in order to preserve their bloodlines.

A still of Children of the Forest, Game of Thrones’ ancestors of Jenny

Duncan was already married to Lyonel Baratheon’s daughter at the time. She was also a friend of Aegon Va Targaryen. Ser Lyonel raised the banners of Stormland for the Targaryens when it became so outlandish. What made her a symbol of love and friendship?

It is believed she was so beautiful and so bright that her personality made it possible for the heir to leave the throne to be there. It is said that she was always wearing flowers in her hair. Her love songs have inspired many generations of people. The cause of Jenny’s death is still a mystery.

Where is Jenny?

Jenny is, as the song says, from the Oldstones ruins. Duncan first met Jenny as a mysterious and beautiful girl. She claimed that she was descended from the Kings of the First Men, who ruled over a dynasty thousands years before the Andals invaded their lands. Oldstone was mocked by some and said that she didn’t know the story.

Duncan became the ruler of Westeros in 1897, shortly after Aegon V Targaryen’s death. He named Jenny his Queen, and she was accepted into court. In respect, Jenny was called Lady Jenny by many. Jenny was respected by the smallfolk of the city, as she was down-to-earth and a figure of respect. Prince Duncan was killed in the Great Fire at Summerhall. We cannot know for certain if Jenny survived.

When Brandon Stark and Mira visited the far north beyond a wall, the Children of the Forest were introduced to them. They took him inside to see the three-eyed raven and protected him against the white walkers. They could throw fireballs like bombs, but they were killed by the white walkers. While Westerosi Kings, Queens and Princes pay tribute to the First Men and Andals when announcing their titles, Even for Queen Daenerys, we saw her name followed by the title saying “Queen of the Andals and First Men”.

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