Who Is Imanol Rodriguez Girlfriend? Imanol Rodriguez Father, Age, Personal Life, Career, and More

Who Is Imanol Rodriguez Girlfriend?

Imanol Rodriguez is an Argentinian actor, director, and producer who has played a variety of roles on-screen. His roles in Match Game and Nunca es tarde as Escape Perfecto are well-known. He is a popular character with over 20,000 fans for his virtual amusement, ten self acting and other relevant titles to him.

He is known for his professional accomplishments as well as being the son and actress of Miguel Angel Rodriguez, an Argentinian actor. Many people have expressed an interest in learning more about the actor and his private life. This is all you need to know about Imanol Roguez.

Imanol Rodríguez

Miguel Angel Rodriguez is Imanol Rodríguez’s father. He is on Instagram as @miguelrodriguez60. He often posts pictures with his friends and family members. Miguel Angel Rodriguez (born November 10, 1960) is an Argentine comedian and actor who won the Martin Fierro Award for Best Comedy Actor in 2003 for his performance in Sweethearts. In 2019, he was invited by Marcelo Tinelli to appear in his first show, in honor of Video match and Showmatch’s 30th anniversary, and he also presented the night sports program “Los Titulares.” During the late 1980s, he worked as an assistant to Juan Carlos Altavista on the “Supermingo” program.

Imanol Rodríguez Career

He began his acting career in the mid-2000s when he appeared in a number of TV episodes and features. His first on-screen debut was in the 2007 film El Capo, and he then created and directed his own short film, Flamenco. Ever since the actor has been in a number of films and participated in a number of radio shows and programs. He is now a full-fledged multi-professional in the entertainment world, producing and directing in addition to acting. Given these contributions, Imanol is yet to be recognized by the official Wiki page, but if his accomplishments resume in the coming days, he will be.

Imanol Rodríguez Age

Imanol Rodrguez is estimated to be between 30 and 40 years old. With a great deal of experience in the entertainment industry for around 10 years, we can safely assume he is in his 30s. According to his recent images, he also appears to be of the same age. The exact birth date, unfortunately, is not publicly available on the internet. Therefore, his exact age and other birthday facts are unknown to outsiders, and it continues to be a mystery. However, as soon as there is an official confirmation, we will update you here. 

Imanol Rodríguez Girlfriend

Tati Roust, Imanol Rodrguez’s girlfriend, is a producer. The couple has been together for over four years and just marked their fourth wedding anniversary on June 7. Roust is also a well-known producer in the industry, with thousands of fans on social media. To prove their affection for each other, they both often upload photos of each other to their Instagram profiles. As of now, the pair has not tied the knot. We don’t seem to have any additional information about the Argentinian actor or his girlfriend aside from this piece of information. Our crew, on the other hand, is doing everything it can to learn everything there is to know about the couple.

Imanol Rodríguez Instagram

Imanol Rodrguez can be found on Instagram under the handle @imarodriguez. At the time of writing, he had a verified account with more than 108k followers. The actor is also quite active on it, having posted over 750 posts to date, in addition to routinely posting his Instagram stories. Most of his posts are on personal and professional events in his life. Here are some of his recent Instagram posts:

Who Is Imanol Rodrguez Girlfriend?

Who Is Imanol Rodriguez?

Who Is Imanol Rodríguez

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