Who Is Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Tonight? Why Is Jimmy Kimmel Having Guest Hosts? Where Is Jimmy Kimmel Tonight? Is Jimmy Kimmel On Vacation?

Who will host Jimmy Kimmel tonight?

Monday night marked Jimmy Kimmel’s start of his summer break. Jimmy Kimmel Live will be hosting a variety guest hosts starting Monday night. In his place.

Kimmel began taking summers off two year ago, as stipulated by his contract with ABC. In the past, guest hosts included Dua Lipa and Anthony Anderson.

Now it is the turn of actor Sean Hayes. He is a natural choice as he is a close friend of Kimmel and has previously served as a guest host. The Will & Grace actor is expected to host all throughout the week. Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight’s show will be on Thursday 23 June 2022. It will feature Joe Manganiello (“Moonhaven”) and Aisling Bea (“This Way Up”), as well as the Musical Guest, Eddie Benjamin.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight’s show will feature Joe Manganiello, guest host. ET on ABC.

Why Jimmy Kimmel has guest hosts?

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s third-year-running show has a line-up of guest hosts who will keep the show running until Jimmy Kimmel returns in the fall. Jimmy Kimmel will be taking the summer off.

Kimmel began taking summers off two year ago, as he stated in his contract with ABC.

On Monday, June 20, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s summer schedule began. Kimmel’s summer schedule will feature the following celebrities: Al Franken; Nicole Byer; Jeff Goldblum; Chelsea Handler; Sean Hayes; Simu Liu; Rob McElhenney; Lamorne Morris. Desus Nice, Mark Rober, Kerry Washington.

Where is Jimmy Kimmel Tonight?

Jimmy Kimmel always performs in the Hollywood Masonic Temple Hollywood. Many changes have been made to the set where the programme is recorded. These include the installation of a platform in the front of the stage for Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue, and the addition of different stage backdrops. In January 2005, the original set of the show featured video screens in the background with the band playing on the left. This was replaced by the current set which features a city in its background. The band is currently playing on the right side.

Jimmy Kimmel on Vacation?

Jimmy Kimmel has officially begun his summer vacation. Jimmy Kimmel Live will be hosted by a variety guest hosts starting Monday night. In his place.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! There will be special guests hosts. Famous actors from Hollywood, such as Simu Liu or Jeff Goldblum will have the opportunity to perform. The A-list list was revealed by ABC today and you will be surprised at the number of people on it. The show will be hosted by a number of celebrities, including Nicole Byer and Anthony Anderson, as well as Al Franken, Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, Sean Hayes and Rob McElhenney. As they continue the three-year tradition, all of these people will get their shot during the summer.

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